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Comment Re:Don't jump to conclusions! Hear BOTH sides! (Score 0) 666

How many exactly is "way too many"? Would that be "at least one, ever, that you can prove"?

Because I've never yet seen a single demonstrable case of a false rape accusation, but I know at least half a dozen people, probably more, who have definitely been raped. At least three of them by family members when they were kids.

And the thing about "innocent until proven guilty" is: That's criminal law. That's not a moral standard, it's not a logical standard of claims to accept. Legally, O.J. Simpson is innocent of murder of the people he killed. But that doesn't mean he didn't kill them, it just means that the jury didn't feel that the prosecution had shown it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Comment Anything can be used to justify violence... (Score 1) 470

Sure religion can, but what about economics or evolution? Just a little bit of thought applied to those and you can justify whatever violence you want. The REAL point is that there are evil people. They can and will use any philosophy, science, religion or technology to do bad things.

It saddens me greatly too see people on the internet blindly jumping on the 'religion is the problem' bandwagon. It's just as bad as any of the 'videogames, guns, books, dancing...etc' is the problem thinking.

Can we just accept there are bad people and bad people do bad things with anything? Can we jail just those people without the need to take away everyone else's freedoms?

Comment Safari doesn't cache at all (Score 4, Informative) 118

From the document (2nd reference in the base article): Safari. Apple Safari does not cache HTTPS-delivered content to disk, regardless of any headers sent by the server. ISE tested the mobile version of Safari on an iPad 2, and the HTTPS caching behavior was identical to the desktop version.

Comment Re:iPhone? (Score 1) 262

YMMV. I have android gizmos, but they basically collect dust because the UI sucks and I can't find apps that do what I want. :)

(Disclaimer: If anyone can point out a PDF reader for Android that can match GoodReader for speed, reliability, and quality, I'd be interested in hearing about it. I've found nothing even remotely close yet, and I've looked.)

Comment Re:Good News / Bad News (Score 1) 182

Except you didn't say the exact opposite.

The topic here isn't whether I personally want treatment; it is whether being autistic is a horrible thing that we should actively prevent anyone from suffering from. And as soon as people who are actually autistic talk about that, we get told that we're "high functioning" and thus don't count, because obviously what's at issue is "severe" autism. So the people who are the closest to having any information that they can relate are discounted.

Thing is, the point about a "spectrum", as opposed to a "continuum", is that it's not all more-severe/less-severe. There are tons of different ways in which the autistic population varies. The assumption that anyone who can write clearly can't possibly have any idea what it's like to have "severe" symptoms is incoherent.

So, recapping the impression your posts create:

1. If someone is autistic, and can't function, that is autism being non-functional. It's never something else that happens to be happening in the same person as autism.
2. If someone can communicate, their autism is "not severe", and they are "high functioning", and thus not entitled to an opinion on what it might be like to be "severely" autistic.
3. If an autistic person has anecdotal evidence, it's just one anecdote and doesn't matter. Your nephew, by contrast, is the gold standard of statistically significant and representative results.

Just seems a little unfair.

Look, I get the desire to have a way to make things better. And I can see the issue when you've got this relative who's incapacitated, and also there's a diagnosis. But it's not at all obvious at the current state of the art in the field that the problem there is autism per se, rather than some other condition, which isn't autism, and if that got treated he might be fine. Or maybe not. We don't know. But handwaving and dismissing people who have real and relevant experience, and telling us that we don't count because we're not "severely" autistic, implies that you do know. That you have all the answers, that you've found definite proof that this really is always and forever just autism, and that fixing it would make it all better.

And that's... Well, first, it's premature, and second, it's an invitation to eradicate all future autistics, of any variety, because no matter how precocious some of us are, we apparently spend a few months, maybe a year or two, not able to talk, and thus not able to decide whether we want to be treated. Or "cured".

Comment Re:Good News / Bad News (Score 1) 182

I was talking with a friend, who points out that there are people whose disconnect from their nervous system is severe enough that they have trouble controlling bowel movements, who can write clearly about it.

The assumption that anyone who can communicate is "high functioning" in a way that prevents them from having relevant opinions is just your attempt to split all the people whose humanity you'd have to acknowledge out from the people you're saying shouldn't exist and don't have opinions.

Seriously. Just... maybe let the people who have any experience at all be heard? Maybe don't just immediately jump in to shut us down, asserting that either we're too disabled for our opinions to count, or that we're too opinionated to count as disabled? You've got no skin in this game. How about you stop trying to make major life decisions for people you are not only unwilling to listen to, but are so hostile to that when you do accidentally hear something they say, you immediately put significant effort into discrediting it?

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