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Comment Re:What about asking for help? (Score 1) 90

Couple things:
1. They may not know. I know it sounds weird, but students don't always know when they don't know what's going on.
2. I have known a fair number of people whose parents or teachers taught them not to "make waves" -- say, asking for help. They just freeze up and quietly fail. Yeah, they can get better from that, but getting better requires, in part, getting at least some help they need but can't ask for.

Comment Re:I thought it was a toy store (Score 1) 330

Agree. Their music section just duplicated what I could get at WalMart or Target for a lot less; I'm not interested in pop music. Classical content was laughable. Although some of the toys were fun, we don't have children to buy for any more. So that was just more space taken away from their primary mission of selling books. Borders offered a wider selection of books (in its prime). When we had both stores available to us, I'd go to the local B&N for browsing, and Borders (further away) when trying to find something obscure.

Amazon scratches the 'obscure' itch much better than Borders, but doesn't offer the same browsing experience.

Comment Barnes & Noble closed the profitable store her (Score 4, Interesting) 330

(Reston VA), In part due to contract dispute with the mall owner. But they could have moved into a nice Borders store location about 5 miles away in Sterling VA. Instead, they pointed me to their store in Tyson's Corner, which costs me $5 in tolls and puts me in the middle of a traffic mess. I felt sorry for the Reston store employees and the managers who did a good job with our local store, handing one my B&N Readers Card. I said, "Send this to Corporate. Tell them to look up how much I've spent -in this store- over the last 15 years. Tell them that 95% of that business is going to Amazon, because I will not drive to Tysons and B&N offers me no alternative."

I really miss browsing in a paper bookstore, Amazon does not offer the same experience (their suggestions aren't as useful for me as they think they are...) The loss of B&N will be significant for consumers, I think. But I'm mostly through the 5 stages of mourning for them.

Comment Re:Don't jump to conclusions! Hear BOTH sides! (Score 0) 666

How many exactly is "way too many"? Would that be "at least one, ever, that you can prove"?

Because I've never yet seen a single demonstrable case of a false rape accusation, but I know at least half a dozen people, probably more, who have definitely been raped. At least three of them by family members when they were kids.

And the thing about "innocent until proven guilty" is: That's criminal law. That's not a moral standard, it's not a logical standard of claims to accept. Legally, O.J. Simpson is innocent of murder of the people he killed. But that doesn't mean he didn't kill them, it just means that the jury didn't feel that the prosecution had shown it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Comment Anything can be used to justify violence... (Score 1) 470

Sure religion can, but what about economics or evolution? Just a little bit of thought applied to those and you can justify whatever violence you want. The REAL point is that there are evil people. They can and will use any philosophy, science, religion or technology to do bad things.

It saddens me greatly too see people on the internet blindly jumping on the 'religion is the problem' bandwagon. It's just as bad as any of the 'videogames, guns, books, dancing...etc' is the problem thinking.

Can we just accept there are bad people and bad people do bad things with anything? Can we jail just those people without the need to take away everyone else's freedoms?

Comment Safari doesn't cache at all (Score 4, Informative) 118

From the document (2nd reference in the base article): Safari. Apple Safari does not cache HTTPS-delivered content to disk, regardless of any headers sent by the server. ISE tested the mobile version of Safari on an iPad 2, and the HTTPS caching behavior was identical to the desktop version.

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