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Submission + - Myanmar Junta Cuts Internet (cnn.com)

lunartik writes: "In Myanmar, formerly Burma, the government has now reportedly cut internet connections. Citizens have been using the internet to bring news to the world of the recent government crack-down on pro-democracy protesters. The latest civil unrest started when Buddhist monks marched by the home of the home of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for years."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - BBC Panorama Questions Long-Term Health of Wi-Fi

vtechpilot writes: "From the article:

Britain is in the grip of a Wi-Fi revolution with offices, homes and classrooms going wireless — but there is concern the technology could carry health risks. The Government insists Wi-Fi is safe, but a Panorama investigation shows that radio frequency radiation levels in some schools are up to three times the level found in the main beam of intensity from mobile phone masts.

Journal Journal: Anarchism

Activism, opposition isn't everything. At home I'm plagued by indecision about what is my home and what is the life I want. I want to go all the way with the communities side but it causes me suffering because I know anarchy is just another political system which if taken to the extreme is just as bad as any other. It's based on means and methods, structures and theory. Still it's strange to think about the left wing now that I've learnt about anarchism.

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Journal Journal: Fiesta


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Journal Journal: day breaks

On my way to work and I'm walking down the hill having said goodbye to Andy, my new neighbour who takes the train with me and will live to the left in our new Daisy road house. I think about Matthew from Exeter with his improvising ensemble meeting in that echoey church and going to work every day to do stuff with Maths when he dreams of caravanning around ireland with a troupe of radical farmers or whatever it was. And yet as strange and unique he is he fits into normal society only in that

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Journal Journal: morning come

Up this morning after 5 postponements in the new downstairs bed, upstairs being occupied by K's mum and here already I don't know if we'll be going with pseudonyms, but well let's say you never know if I've amalgamated two people into one or anything like that, cos for example catso-fatso is a real living thing/person/concept.

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Journal Journal: Live video effects

The purpose of these effects is to create source materials for live visuals that use lo fi or real life materials for moving visual reasons. 1960s psychedelic screens a la early pink floyd need only be the start. All people can join in just learning different ways of producing DIY video effects. Try it! You can do it. Anyone can.


Journal Journal: Prison System 1

Instead of treating a prison as a punishment, it should be a place of rehabilitation. Of renewal and rebirth into society cured of all evil. The convicts should enter into a complex social system - a heirarchical team based game of points to score freedoms with each good trait or learned positive behavious rewarded by the other prisoners in a collective team based big brother futuristic nightmare. It would be a bootcamp. A rough place but which instills cameraderie, and social values. Convict

Utilities (Apple)

Journal Journal: RFID anti-corporate system

Users voluntary register on an independant ID registry whereby anyone on it is in a web of trust that builds up and dissolves temporarily. They register to have their ID implanted or even just worn on the body as a label - on a piece of jewellery for example. All this contains is a tag. We create a binding legal place for this piece of hardware to exist so that research in this area can never be held privately by an organisa

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: hl2 map

Marble plated. like an old swimming pool with marble tiles, the kind of victorian thing you don't want to be around at night. It came to me in a dream when I was 3 or 4 years old: I was at school at night, wandering around after I'd been shut inside because I didn't get out in time after the bell rang. I went to the toilet, the usual toilet I went to but now there was a huge round thing in the middle of the wall, that hadn't been there before. It was scarey looking and was like the beginning of

Journal Journal: xscreensaver::webtxtcollage

text on screens all divided and growing pulsating with text being written by furious typers flaming nine geese a braying writing up validating working pushing papers on their desk. Random channel terms grabbed from /lists from searches from online chats from java and all kinds of plugins, but never for a useful cause except harming the monitor and showing you the never ending typing of people around the world intent bleary eyed fingers wired like extensions in a dreamlike rs

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Fps deathcamp simulation

Map is recreation of existing torture or concentration camp eg San Siro in Trieste where people were brought in under the noses of the locals under the pretense it was food processing. Graffiti and scratches are still on walls and it would make good basis for texture photographing and map building. Half life 2 source engine would be good: you can play as a guard or as a prisoner, and as a prisoner you get no weapon, and are somehow really easily killed. Player skins could be just thin-ness: pale

Journal Journal: Thank you past, you knew my future!

Silence, buffoons! He said: "Thank you past, you knew my future".

But what I am about to say is not for you to know.

It rides unworthy in the tide.

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Journal Journal: When I have to think

When I have to think, I have to have the radio on. And with that thought, Amanda took one huge leap off the bed and almost into a drawer by the dressing table flicking the switch whilst teetering on one leg like a ballerina.

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