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Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 301

If the company and employee are still friendly you can work this out even in California.

I know of one case where an executive wanted to leave a large public company in a highly competitive market. Part of the agreement was that they would be continue to remain as a non-working employee including being fully paid for the following year (including all bonuses and benefits - no less than what they got in the prior year) if they didn't go to a competitor.

Since this meant that going to a non-competitor mean drawing two salaries, there was a mutual built-in incentive to work for a non-competitor.

Had they gone to a competitor they would have been no worse off than if they'd not signed the agreement.


Comment grep (Score 1) 385

You can laugh, but its good almost enough for what I need.

All my archived email (93-2004) was copied to a NAS as individual messages (still have the Cyrus directory structure). Its the more recent stuff that lives in PSTs that is the problem.

One day I'll get around to going the same for my news postings. That's where the nuggets of interest are.

Comment Re:Killing NASA? I think not. (Score 2, Insightful) 411

Its funny - this is a rabid capitalist country, and yet when is proposed to allow commercial space flight to take over the boring operation bits everyone is up in arms. Whenever I hear astronauts talking about this my mind jumps to the infamous Mandy Rice-Davies - "well he would, wouldn't he".

Let NASA get back to some real research, not shuttling (sorry) people to the space station.

Who on earth believes that the government is more efficient than private enterprise at the operational level ? So set guidelines, safety regulations, create an environment where commercial enterprises can see an opportunity, and let us solve the problem. If that's done the country will not "cede America's longtime leadership in space", it will just be done more efficiently outside of the government.

Why should I as a large contributor to the government pay for someone to drive a bus into space ? What grabs my attention (and probably Joe public's for the last 30 years) is Hubble, Spirit + Opportunity, Pathfinder. The only time the shuttle breaks into public awareness anymore is when there's an accident.

And while long term we do need to have an off-Earth safety net - its not going to happen in my life, and a few people on a non self-sufficient beachhead doesn't do anything except waste money.

Comment Re:Boost and POCO (Score 1) 310

I agree on the documentation - Poco has good reference docs, but its lacking a tutorial and other HOWTOs, so it can take a while ot get upto speed on its style.

Disagree on the bugs - we've been using it as the core library in our enterprise software product for several years with no issues.

Poco's clean, it gives me everything I need and it just works, what more do you want?


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