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Comment what about Homeplug? (Score 1) 196

Not a answer to your question per se, but I ran into a very similar problem when I moved to a new apartment 2 years ago. Rather than upgrade everything to 802.11n (and suffer the whole issue of too many wireless cooks in the pot as everyone now has their own access point) I got two Homeplug v2 adapters and moved my router to my office. Cable modem connects to my coax, which is then plugged into a Homeplug. The 2nd Homeplug then goes to the WAN interface on my house router. Works like a charm and I can still use wired connections for all my workstations.

Just a thought. I would have considered the 802.11n route but there's way too much activity in my area to make that feasible for 8+ machines (my 802.11g access point does work well for the 2-3 wireless devices I use regularly though, especially now that my access point is in my office and spaced further away from my neighbors' APs).

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 3, Informative) 232

To be fair, it isn't mentioned anywhere in the pamphlet you receive with the iPhone or iPod, its buried within the iTunes website terms-and-conditions (at least last time I checked). If there were a warning label you had to pull-off each new iDevice I'd be right there with you, but you really have to look for it to find the iTunes lockout timeout (at least you did before this story broke).

That being said I'm generally not a believer of ignorance-as-a-defense, but I can certainly see why Apple would change this behavior and why the FTC would look into it.

Comment Re:Oblig. (Score 1) 171

And by the way, you're paying an assload of money for all of this too, including another crappy chassis.

Actually the chassis looked to be one of the better pieces from what I read in the article. It does look a little rice-y but it fits standard ATX motherboards so future upgrades can continue to use it. It also has internal LED lighting so you don't need to fumble around with a flashlight when working inside the case (powered by 2-AA batteries so the chassis power can be disconnected, as it should be anytime the case is opened).

While its way too overpriced for me and my relatively-simplistic PC needs, the case seems to have gotten a bit of innovation (Dell adopting a standard ATX form-factor case incredibly innovative is FOR THEM considering their previous track record).

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