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Comment Re:Politicians or Money (Score 1) 213

I've been thinking about that subject lately, what would be very interesting, telling and very eye opening is for a bill of that nature to even get to congress/senate or even better for the people of the US to have a vote on it (is that even possible anymore?). If the it was out of the congress/senates hands to vote on it - it would only be up to the big media corps, to try and sway you on how letting the big corporations finance the government is best for YOU - no matter how you twist that around, even the biggest idiots/morons would be able to see how corrupt this government has become.

Comment Re:Evil Monopoly (Score 4, Insightful) 314

I'm no Apple fan, but their R&D has been increasing year after year - the percentage is dropping because they are making more...

$2,398,000,000 (2.2% of est $109,000,000,000) 2011
$1,760,400,000 (2.7% of $65,200,000,000) 2010
$1,329,900,000 (3.1% of $42,900,000,000) 2009
$1,105,000,000 (3.4% of $32,500,000,000) 2008
$792,000,000 (3.3% of $24,000,000,000) 2007
$714,100,000 (3.7% of $19,300,000,000) 2006
$556,000,000 (4% of $13,900,000,000) 2005
$331,200,000 (4% of $8,280,000,000) 2004
$496,000,000 (8% of $6,200,000,000) 2003
$437,600,000 (8% of $5,470,000,000) 2002
$428,800,000 (8% of $5,360,000,000) 2001
$399,000,000 (5% of $7,980,000,000) 2000

(same link)

Comment Re:What happened to innocent until proven guilty? (Score 1) 243

Well, at least we can sleep safely tonight knowing that it wasn't our government directly that was responsible for the censorship right? I mean we all know they are pawns of our mighty corporations as they are bought and paid for many times over - hell they apparently get ALL their advice from them as well...

As we noted in our post, the government relied on an executive at the RIAA to claim that the works it used as evidence to seize the domain were infringing -- despite the fact that the RIAA was in no position to know if the rightsholders had authorized the music sent to the site (and, in one case, despite the fact that the musician was not affiliated with the RIAA).

Personally, I think we are simply F'd!! But what do I know? /sigh
United States

Ask Slashdot: Science Sights To See? 363

First time accepted submitter steevven1 writes "My girlfriend and I are planning a long trip across the United States for this summer, and we'd like to see the usual sights, but we both have a bit of a geeky side, and we were trying to think of science-related marvels to see along the way. So far, we have thought of places like the Very Large Array in New Mexico and Fermilab in Illinois. Any suggestions?"

Comment Re:New Pro-Consumer Regulation (Score 1) 222

The problem with that is the wording, even now they offer the UNLIMITED DATA plans and they are for real - they just don't mention or clarify, that even though you have unlimited data, you will have to pay for anything over X amount - regardless that you have to pay for it, it's still unlimited although so is the cost. The UNLIMITED DATA plans can also mean that in any 1 hour period you can download as much data as you want, the next hour however you may be severely throttled but you do still have the UNLIMITED DATA.

Comment Re:Stop this BS (Score 2) 222

It's a play on words is all it is, "unlimited bandwidth" doesn't clarify *what* is unlimited regarding the bandwidth. I worked for a company once where the CEO purposely used this same play on words, only in the fine print of the TOS it defined 'unlimited bandwidth' as using up as much as the 100mb pipe you could at any given time, the 'total' amount of bandwidth used over a monthly period was a different story all together and *not* unlimited.

Comment Re:10 years later (Score 1) 804

I was woken up by my Mom calling me in a hotel room, flown in for an interview in Corpus Christi from LA. When the second plane was confirmed and the 3rd plane hit the the pentagon I was with an apartment recruiter looking for a place to live.

FUCK YOU! for telling our men and women off who are going into harms way for us, when everything went down I was of same mind set and I wanted to kick some shit. You sound like someone who would have tossed sand bags and maybe handed out food supplies, but still complained at the end of the day about a soar back or a broken finger nail.

You fail to forget that our military is NOT civilian based - in that you have no choice to ignore the law, you have ORDERS TO FOLLOW - those orders ultimately come from the President and the Pentagon - if THEY are misguided and corrupt thats a different story all together, it does NOT change the bravery and heroism of OUR men and women! It takes fight, courage and discipline to go into these war zones and come out still being able to shit - courage and discipline will only get you so far in a war zone, the 'fight' will get you the rest of way..

You can win a damn chess game from a freak'n pawn - do you blame the pawn or those who moved the pawn into place?

Comment Re:Is this suit actually filed? (Score 1) 699

When it comes to 'consent' the way it was explained to me in college - was that it was your 'choice' to fly, you can after all drive from LA to NewYork on the highways that you tax dollars pay for. Once you consent to flying, your also consenting to all the bull shit.

As for the over all issue of the sexual assault, and I'm sure I will get troll'd for this but I have yet to see anyone bring up the idea that homo sexuals are working for the TSA. It is against the law to screen on sexual preference any more, yet we enforce the idea that women need to be screened by women, and men screened by men - what if that woman doing the screening is gay, or vice versa for a man? I would have to wager a guess that if your turned on, your going to be hard pressed to prove/show that you were *not* groping or molesting someone - its a matter of sexual attraction, end of story... This would go the same for the police, but at least there you have a MUCH more strict code of conduct - from what I gather there simply isn't one for the TSA from the simple fact it's a minimum wage job, if not barely above...

Comment Re:How is it worth anything? (Score 1) 245

Those VC's certainly do much due diligence.. When you go and sign up, it's broken - you don't even have to agree to the terms of use or privacy policy, let alone fill anything else in after giving them your email. Considering they deal in advertising, and with all the other sneaky/underhanded advertising going on around the net - with out having to agree to the terms and all, I would think that is scary grounds for all kinds of law suits if they give out information, spam you, etc..

New Zealand Government Opens UFO Files 100

astroengine writes "Following hot on the heels of a series of international UFO sighting disclosures, the New Zealand government has joined the party and made public 2,000 pages of UFO eyewitness accounts dating back to 1952. Helpfully, the NZ newspaper The Dominion Post has scanned the documents and has made them available online. Among the accounts of alien encounters and strange lights in the sky is one of New Zealand's most famous UFO mystery: the Kaikoura sighting. But was it aliens? Probably not, but it makes for an entertaining read."

Comment Re:Hello Censorshipch (Score 1) 606

While I do agree with this, I don't think that it's the over all problem/concern.. Everyone knows (and elsewhere as well) that practically every large industry, including the government in the US is corrupt - hell, didn't the financial industry (banks -> walls street) almost take out the financial industries of countries all over the world through a domino effect?

These kinds of leaks *will* come back to bite us, although I'm starting to wonder if this is some kind of rebellion starting - with all the corruption with these very large industries, including the legal system and government which is suppose to prevent it, it seems next to impossible to change anything and gain control of our country again - so what's left? Tell the world what is really going on, hand them proof and let the 'best friends' of the elite tell them where to go and what they can do with 'X'.

What are 300,000,000 people to do when 90% of everything they are told is 'crafted' and/or 'fabricated' - and mind you not from the government, but from the for-profit news industry, the advertising that is constantly bombarding them and the legal system that is turning into for-profit only as well..

Corporations run the United States, not the government, and it's corrupt - I can very much see how one could view that the 'normal' process of how to change things could take wayyyy to long, and in the mean time more corruption occurs and gets worse. If your at a loss - what else can you do than to air the dirty laundry of those in power to the world, and let the other 5.7 billion inhabitants help you fight - by having their government(s) telling those in power of you to f' off, and with a big 'F'...

Willow Garage Robot Fetches Beer, Engineers Rejoice 114

kkleiner writes "Willow Garage has pulled off the ultimate engineering feat: teaching a PR2 robot to fetch you a beer from the fridge. Not only can the PR2 select the correct brew from the fridge, it can deliver, and even open the beer as needed. That's right, all the humans have to do is drink and relax. Prepare yourself for some major robot-envy as you check out the PR2 delivering much-needed refreshment in the video."

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