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Comment Re:best camera (Score 1) 257

i'm in Africa for 1 year, i had the same problems.

i choose those (and everything is ok till now).

EEEPC if you mind to travel a lot, Compaq nx9420 (17" screen with a really good X1600 for playing purpose) if you stay long time in a place.
Sanyo XD2(720p video HD, 7Mpixel photo, not a grat camera for photo but REALLY GREAT videos) really small and lightweight, stay in a shorts pocket.
Ipaq smartphone (rechargable on USB, GRPS more important than UMTS around the world and cheapest, WM5) or any other GPRS-at-least smartphone

the satellite connection is too expensive for my pocket, the only satellite stuff i bring with me is a bluetooth GPS. (can be used with the phone and tom tom and any laptop).

Just m2c

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