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Comment Re:Internet Tax Freedom Act & Why Only Amazon? (Score 1) 762

I wonder how much income tax revenue New York has lost out on now that New York-based Amazon affiliates can no longer earn money from Amazon.

I wonder how this lost income tax revenue for commissions on worldwide sales referred by New York-based Amazon Affiliates compares to the amount of sales tax they lose out on for Amazon sales to New York-based customers.

I'm guessing that New York shot themselves in the foot on this one.

Comment Blizzard is not putting this in their games! (Score 1) 244

Blizzard signed the advertising deal with Massive to display ads on the battle.net website ONLY. They've specifically stated that it doesn't cover in-game ads. This has been reported here as well as in many other stories that can be found with a Google search.

So, hopefully no in-game ads from Blizzard. I don't know about the other publishers listed.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 5, Insightful) 315

The spec for W3C can say whatever it wants. If the standards body makes a mistake, like blessing useless DRM where it doesn't belong, the rest of the web will kindly ignore the stupid standard. Seriously, IE isn't standards compliant, what would keep Mozilla, Safari, any of the other browsers from simply ignoring this?

How about the fact that being standards compliant is one of the main advantages that Mozilla, Safari, and other browsers currently have over IE? IE ignoring W3C standards has significantly weakened the usefulness of the standards. If other browsers are forced to also begin ignoring the standards due to BS like this being adopted then the existence of the standards will become pointless.


Submission + - Good-natured (?) spam

TheSHAD0W writes: "Ever since I once used Panda Software's Activescan antivirus, they've been spamming me with advertising. I finally got fed up with it and followed a link to an unsubscribe page, but when given a confirmation link to follow in a follow-up email, I was told "We are sorry that we are unable to process your request at the moment". An email to their customer service address bounced. What else should I do to stop their spam? Has anyone else had trouble getting an otherwise legitimate company to stop sending repetitive advertising?"

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