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Submission + - 42 European Nobel Laureates, 5 Fields Medalists, 30 000 researcher for research (no-cuts-on-research.eu)

An anonymous reader writes: 42 European Nobel Laureates and 5 Fields Medalists recently published in the major European newspapers an open letter http://www.no-cuts-on-research.eu/index.php?file=press.htm to reaffirm the research budget is crucial for achieving economic prosperity and solutions for global challenges.
A petition http://www.no-cuts-on-research.eu/index.php?file=petition.htm , coordinated by the initiative for science in Europe (ISE http://www.i-se.org/ ), was proposed 2010 10 23 and ERC Starting Grant holder and Nobel Laureate Konstantin Novoselov http://www.condmat.physics.manchester.ac.uk/people/academic/novoselov/ is first to sign: "Europe needs to adapt a forward-looking approach that promotes risky though thoughtful and challenging research. The ERC provides the most adequate support for research in Europe and the scope of its activities should be broadened."
After on day : 33 109 signatures,

Comment Re:Just complying with the law (Score 2) 227

Actually, this has nothing to do with the content of the Twitter feed, and therefore is not really a free speech issue. If you read the actual takedown request, you will find that the Twitter account belongs to an organization that was recently disbanded and its assets (to which the account belongs) being seized by the authorities because its goals and actions were directed at overthrowing the constitutional order.


Submission + - Pressure Rises on German Science Minister in Plagiarism Scandal (thelocal.de)

An anonymous reader writes: Germany's minister for science and education, who is currently under investigation by her alma mater for plagiarising parts of her PhD thesis, is facing new accusations: a total of 92 alleged incidents of plagiarism (German) have been documented by a blogger, who calls "this number of violations inexcusable".

Comment Re:Bad law is bad (Score 3, Informative) 192

If you wrongly claim to own the copyright or be the agent of someone who does, there is a penalty under the perjury clause.

Which is what has happened here. Microsoft does not possess any copyright regarding the Wikipedia article on Glock pistols. This is very different from the usual case where overreaching DMCA notices are sent against actual usage of copyrighted material, but where the usage is allowed by law (e.g., under fair use). Here, however, we have the interesting case of a Microsoft representative making a false claim under the penalty of perjury.

Comment Re:Should have made a backup (Score 1) 632


                case WAN_WISHING:
#ifdef WIZARD
                        if (!wizard) {
                                otmp->spe = (rn2(10) ? -1 : 0);
#ifdef WIZARD
                        } /* fall through, if wizard */


/* set otmp->recharged */
        if (oclass == WAND_CLASS) { /* prevent wishing abuse */
                if (otmp->otyp == WAN_WISHING
#ifdef WIZARD
                        && !wizard
                ) rechrg = 1;
                otmp->recharged = (unsigned)rechrg;

At least you have a 10% chance to retain your wish.

Comment Re:time to fork the project (Score 2) 182

The interesting difference here is the barrier to entry: The Replicator 2 is a physical object. It needs a supply chain, and shipping arrangements, and a manufacturing base to fork it. (Instead of in pure software where the only thing besides the people you need is some web hosting.) So, it'll take others quite some time to set up a fork of reasonable size and quality, and a fair amount of money.

The funny thing is that a few weeks ago, someone tried to create a fork, but he got slashed pretty badly by the community and his Kickstarter campaign failed. I suppose this guy has a second chance now.

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