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Comment Re:it's truly mind-boggling (Score 1) 274

I can certainly add my 2 cents. I'm an American who is now looking for a job. I currently "work" in a call center. The company I work for opened a new branch in the Philippines and now 95% of what I used to do has been outsourced.
We had 70+ people in my department. Now there might be 15. The company won't say anything officially but it's obvious our department will soon be closed. When your supervisors are looking for jobs, it's time to run!

Comment Re:This just gives me the impetus to go prepaid (Score 1) 276

You actually can have an android phone on prepaid. You only need a data plan to activate the phone. Just pop in a friend's SIM card (which has a data plan) activate the phone, then pop your prepaid SIM in and your good to go. Get your data via wifi.
If you really neeed it, t-mobile's prepaid plans allow you to pay $1.50 for 24 hours of data via the cell network.

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