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Comment Re:This just gives me the impetus to go prepaid (Score 1) 276

You actually can have an android phone on prepaid. You only need a data plan to activate the phone. Just pop in a friend's SIM card (which has a data plan) activate the phone, then pop your prepaid SIM in and your good to go. Get your data via wifi.
If you really neeed it, t-mobile's prepaid plans allow you to pay $1.50 for 24 hours of data via the cell network.

Comment Re:Just another reason (Score 2, Insightful) 111

You guys fail to realize that xbox live is a matchmaking service. The games are not hosted on MS's servers. Your xbox is connected to someone elses xbox. Just like a PC is connected to another PC. Live simply points the xboxes at each other. Your lag is a direct result of the connection between you and the xbox which is hosting.

Comment Re:Whatever works for you (Score 1) 366

I do pretty much the exact same thing. Google/Android Calendar keeps my upcoming appointments/events in order.
If I'm out and want to do something when I get home, I put a postit in my pocket. When I get home I remove and handle any notes in there.
Sometimes I'll e-mail myself if it's something I don't need to do asap once I'm home.

I'm also a fan of whiteboards. I have one at home and one at the office.

As far as hard drives go. I'm oldschool and have categorized partitions/directories as I'm sure many of us here do.

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