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Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 107


Wouldn't it be less work to
      - get kvm/xen working on your phone or tablet? The ARM v7a architecture defines virtualization extensions, paving the way to run Android AND Gnu/Linux simultaneously with minimal performance overhead (relative to one's 2GB quad core smart phone)
      - run android-x86 in a window via virtualbox? Less mucking around than porting desktop Linux to Android or Dalvik to Xorg?

Comment Re:Seriously - what is slashdot's agenda? (Score 1) 90

Indeed, like any client GUI, an 'app' will only run faster to the extent that its logic is parallelized.

I thought a main benefit of multiple cores was potentially to achieve the same amount of work at lower clock speeds. i.e. by delegating background processes to the secondary/tertiary/quaternary cores, the OS can run with fewer battery-draining CPU spikes.

Comment Re:Seriously - what is slashdot's agenda? (Score 1) 90

Agreed, 'revolutionary' makes me envisage Ernesto Guevara with a scruffy beard and a beret. Nevertheless...

To be honest, the hardware looks rather mundane - borrowing none of the sleek lines that Samsung "stole" from Apple. ;-)

But amongst OS aficionados, QNX is the business - a real-time embedded kernel that supposedly would leave Linux/XNU in the dust on phones (whoops, is such a statement considered blasphemy in these parts?!) A revolution? probably not but providing souped up multi-tasking of Android apps, continuing the Qt legacy of Meego/Symbian and providing enterprise services that made it the original BB a hit is at least a challenger to the bring-your-own-phone culture that has seen BB lose market share.

Comment Re:My Android Tablet has unlimited storage... (Score 1) 501

Hmmm, my Brother wifi enabled laser printer has been chugging along for 5+ years.

your usage may vary but it was definitely a selling point all those years ago. Having to hook up a legacy desktop PC via USB just to share a printer via samba/wifi just because an iPad can't print directly represents a significant downgrade.

Comment Re:Virtualization (Score 1) 190

it only works on Intel and AMD compatible machines

Wine runs Windows applications compiled for a compatible CPU architecture. So if one were to cross-compile a Win32 program (e.g. Notepad++) using MinGW to produce an ARM exe then it ought to happily run under wine on one's ARM linux installation (e.g. Ubuntu on a Nexus 7.)

Comment Re:64 or 32 bit? (Score 1) 268

MS would be keen to become totally 64bit clean for Windows 9. Intel (aside from a few Atoms) and AMD migrated to x86-64 half a decade ago. Let IA-32 die already - it's nearly 10 years since the Athlon 64 came out...

[even if the machine I'm typing on is a P4 running ubuntu 12.10, I don't expect I'll be upgrading it to Windows 9!]

I'd be surprised if MS and ARM aren't working on AArch64, for a subsequent generation Surface RT, as we speak.

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