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Comment Re:New alternative to censorship (Score 1) 645

I used to live in Clackmannanshire - it's an area of Scotland that encompasses several small towns and villages. A bit of digging and I find that the town this store is in is: Clackmannan.

Now I wish I had a better spell chequer than a teacher shouting at me when I was growing up. (Dyslexia hadn't been invented back then) Trying to write Clackmannanshire as part of my address was bothersome!

Other local towns include Sauchie (Pronounced Sawki) Tullibody and Tillicoultry. The local big hill is Dumyat (Dum eye at)

I want my cheaper words!!!

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 5, Informative) 229

You have a viable alternative - or rather about 130 of them, so get clued-up, ask BT retail for a MAC and migrate to another provider who can provide you with the service you want.

The BT Wholesale network is actually rather good. BT Retail is just one of 130 ISPs who use the BT wholesale network, and they're a particularly bad example.

It's vitally important to not confuse the two, and do not let BT tell you otherwise. I have BT copper to my home/office, I pay BT the minimum amount a month for this copper, but my Internet access is through the BT wholesale network, via another ISP, not BT.

Comment It's too easy these days ... (Score 2, Informative) 341

Downloaded. Compiled. Installed and rebooted, and it's running on a little test "embedded" box I'm playing with. (Geode LX800) It's passed all my own tests, and that's that.

Like the new compression stuff. Compressed kernel under 1MB again - First time I've seen that for a while.

Now to try it on my Acer Aspire One...

Comment Early 1995, I think ... (Score 1) 739

I was living/working in the US and one of our UK colleagues had brought a tape of Linux over - A Sun DC150 tape with SLS I think...

So I bought a PC - a DX4/66 and an Ethernet card (ne2K) 280MB drive and I think 32MB of RAM. Loaded the tape onto one of the sun servers we had, NFS exported the partition, wrote a boot floppy and I think 5 more root floppys, booted the PC and did the install, initially off the floppys then via NFS.

Half an hour later I had a PC running Linux, X and fvwm and it was more usable and faster than the X windows terminals I was using on the Suns we had.

Back in the UK some months later and I switched to what was then an embryonic Debian and the rest is history...

So the first thing I did with it was marvel at just how good it was! I had my own "unix" box. How cool was that?

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