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Comment Re:Herd immunity (Score 1) 291

"or 2) increase company profit by trying to coerce hackers into buying a copy by not allowing them this download. Since the latter will never happen, all MS is really doing is simply missing an opportunity to increase security because they *think* they can increase profit."

Ok, 2 points there:

1) Since when are hackers the only ones with illegitimate copies of Windows?

2) Will *never* happen? Really? Big claim, no evidence.

Comment Re:Its justified price (Score 1) 536

Wow. Your local computer store is pretty cheap. EB out my way generally charges about $110 for any new title. I don't think they sell COD4 for less than $100 yet. Initial price seems to be on the rise too.

Comment Pet Peeve (Score 1) 613

Don't get me wrong, it is a useful feature. It can be really annoying to write out a new file name only to have it wiped for forgetting the file extension, for which you have to restore the original file name to discover.

The really frustrating thing however is that Windows simply refuses to let you discover what that file extension is without making you go through the tedious task of turning them all on. How hard could it be to list it in the properties window for that file? Or perhaps be wildly radical and actually even let you change the file extension there! In fact, if it unequivocally told the average user what the real file extension on a maliciously named .exe actually was, it may just be helpful to some of them. Instead, they just tell you which program has been associated with that extension. I honestly can't believe no one at Microsoft has ever even considered this. It's one of my most common grievances.

Comment Turing is for wimps (Score 3, Funny) 288

The real test is convincing your friends that you're actually a bot. I was once lanning Counterstrike with some mates, using a dodgy 3rd party utility to provide bots. These bots had some pretty amusing chatter, and after a while I decided to change my name to one similar to the bots. I pretended my name wasn't showing up due to a bug (which wasn't hard to believe with this program), and then started dropping increasingly more personal messages directed at my mates. Had them quite freaked out until I couldn't stop myself laughing any more.

Comment In Australia, TV kills TV (Score 1) 576

It honestly seems that some stations try to commit suicide in Australia, Channel 7 in particular. So far, they have licensed Scrubs, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Firefly, Boston Legal, Futurama, Family Guy and probably some others. All of these have either been removed or are randomly thrown on at around midnight on varying nights of the week. I never would have discovered Arrested Development if I hadn't fortunately stayed up late enough to watch Scrubs one night. It premiered right after it at some crazy hour. Meanwhile, what was Channel 7 putting on primetime? Hope & Faith. Yes, you heard me.

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