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Comment Re:Thanks a lot, guys. B-( (Score 1) 325

Ungrounded Lightning sentiment is precisely what this little exercise seems to be about. As other have noted, the Open Document Foundation isn't ODF. The likelyhood of them being agents from dark side whose aim is to increase uncertainty in the public about the viability of ODF is pretty high. Certainly for 2 guys without a garage but a substantial public profile and no other real claim to fame, they fit the bill.

Headlines like the Computerworld one are priceless in the media world and producing the reaction of fear and a sense of defeat in the minds of your opponents is the prize.

Submission + - Does ODF have a future?

qedramania writes: "Linuxworld seems to think ODF is a dead duck. Is the windows monopoly too big and too entrenched? Other than die hard linux fans, does anyone really care is they have to keep paying microsoft to do basic office work? It seems with news of China and the borg doing deals, and ODF getting rolled in the US, the momentum is towards a microsoft monoculture in business and government. You can bet that big business and governments will want (and get) more than just reliability from microsoft in return for their aquiescence."

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