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Comment Re:Doesn't look finished to me (Score 1) 898

--Vista without the glass doesn't look nearly as good.--

--The task bar needs quite a bit of work--

--"...how crappy the taskbar is, how "in your face" the windows were, how crappy the file dialogs were, how crappy taskman.exe was, or how generally insecure the default setup was"--

In reverse :
If you don't know how to set up your computer, ask someone who does know. Please don't beg for the Dilbert OS. You know, with one GIANT red button that they're nice enough to push at the factory for you?

I'm not sure why taskman.exe was "crappy" or wtf you're talking about with the "crappy file dialogs"

How are the windows "in your face"?

I just had my first real run in with winblows vista this morning (have been avoiding it for as long as possible now.)and I have a few questions :

1.) Why in the ever loving fuck would you need PERMISSION to move a file from one directory to another?

2.) Why is it asking me if it's cool to save the changes...TO A PROPERTY SHEET...when I haven't changed ANYTHING at all?

I haven't heard a single reason yet why I should switch to Vista.

-my decent (AMD 1.4Ghz, 512 DDR2 RAM, decent vid card) computer won't even get NEAR IT.

-I have yet to read about ANY 'improvements' that didn't involve that bloody "areo" interface or how "ooo shinyprettylookitthat!" it is.

Comment Re:Did you turn off Aero? (Score 1) 898

Yes it's nice. Yes it's pretty. People aren't complaining that they're using their video card. They're complaining that Vista runs like shit on their mostly new system and they don't want to have to go out and get a top-of-the-line system JUST TO HAVE A PRETTY INTERFACE.

I should not have to upgrade my system just because you wanted my os to look nicer. Hey MSFT, how about first concentrating on making the fucking thing WORK instead of "OOOOH SHINY!!!"? ...I think it's time to give my shift key a break!


Comment Re:Oh really? (Score 2, Insightful) 898

--Instead I'm using good old ever reliable WinXP Pro--

I can't believe I'm reading that. I was in the tech support industry when XP came out. It was a *NIGHTMARE*. It seems that MSFT's way of business is to have a product in beta for 3/4 of it's "service life" then when they FINALLY work out all the bugs in the damn thing THEY DON'T SUPPORT IT ANYMORE.

I agree with you on most of your points though. I still miss the days when winblows was exactly what it should be now : AN APPLICATION. Leave the OS to do what it's supposed to be doing...BEING AN OS instead of a one-click bloated pos.


Comment Re:great news (Score 1) 128

"If we, the citizens, want to protect the constitution, then we should step up and take responsibility for defending it from our politicians." --

Had I mod points dear sir, you would be getting some. Now if we could just rustle up some people with balls over the next few elections, maybe we could keep ourselves out of the Communist States of America a bit longer.

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