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Comment Re:gnupg it (Score 1) 402

Or print the key (ideally not passphrase-protected, or with a memorable password given to your executor) in ASCII and attach it to your lawyer's copy of your will. Use an OCR-friendly font, maybe throw in a copy on a USB drive. Once you've backed-up the private key and made sure it's accessible without your intervention, you won't need it so delete it. Save a list of up-to-date passwords (or perhaps your keychain and it's password; which could be more automated) encrypted with the public key somewhere easily accessible (web storage? Google Docs?)

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 804

I think the argument is that people in other countries would say "The first of September, nineteen-ninety."

Which follows the conversational principle of adding relevant context in successively larger granularity.

  1. "At 3." (i.e. today)
  2. "At 3 PM."
  3. "At 3 PM, on the 23rd." (i.e. 'the next 23rd' - could be this month or next...)
  4. "At 3 PM, on the 23rd of June."
  5. "At 3 PM, on the 23rd of June, 2012."

Comment Re:Deep Thought (Score 1) 86

No, that is stealing because it's real property with distinct and unambiguous ownership.

I'm saying that if your car had a keypad immobiliser, and your mechanic wrote the code on a chalkboard behind the counter where anyone who looked could see it; you can't be angry at the people who look for knowing it.

In a similar situation, often referenced on /. - it would be the mechanic (AT&T) in trouble with the customers for 'making available' the information.

Comment Re:C++ still not attractive to me (Score 1) 385

A variable that is pushed to the stack make a register that can be used for something else. Yes, common architectures do often only have two or three registers available, once you take into account calling conventions that you aren't going to get around in any language as expressive as C or more so.

Re-using registers is A Good Thing - it's not like you can make more of them.

What makes you think a shift is more efficient than a divide? Are you taking into account the encoded instruction size, alignment, and variable decode latency? Instruction and jump caching?

If you want to write assembly for everything you do, go for it - I kind of like being able to say "strlen(var);". I like "var.size();" a bit more - but it's your call if you wanna say "push edi; sub ecx, ecx; mov edi, [esp+8]; not ecx; sub al, al; cld; repne scasb; not ecx; pop edi; lea eax, [ecx-1]; ret"; or some variant thereof. Go for it. I'll be over here, writing features.

Comment Re:That's what I wanted to hear you say. (Score 1) 456

Which is precisely how the notion of sovereignty has always been upheld.

I don't support many (if any) of the USA's actions or policies where they extend to citizens of other nations (like myself) - I just understand that nobody is likely to stop them. They are empowered by their own citizens, who see them as bringing the Light of Democracy And Capitalism to the terrorists and communists that the USIans must be protected from.

Anyhow, I've exceeded my quota of replying to ACs already. If you want to continue this, put your handle against your words.

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