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Comment Re:I would argue (Score 1) 540

I disagee. It's going to be software that replaces knowledge/information workers.

Software tools like NTT's new multi-lingual translator (real-time translation for phone conversations) are going to replace millions of jobs. Many financial newspaper articles are now entirely computer generated.

Software is very close to being able to understand, act on, and produce freeform language. Imagine a Wolfram Alpha that actually works (answers what you meant to ask) and has access to all of the data in your business empire.

Anybody that works at a desk pushing information around (accountants, lawyers, secretaries, call center, human resources, middle management, project management, reporters, ...) will want a new career in the next 30 years. The ones ones left will be the people asking the questions not the ones giving the answers.

Comment Re:America leader on clean energy, not Europe (Score 2) 341

America is the only country it would seem, still building clean nuclear plants

Canada (specifically Ontario) is too. Several reactors have recently been refurbished and more are underway. A tender to build 4 additional reactors is being prepared.

Canada has very high energy usage on a per-capita basis but a fairly small population.

Comment Re:Junk. (Score 1) 42

This. 99.9% (at least) of the entire internet is junk that any one person doesn't care about.

I've done a crawl of a few billion pages.

No person at all cares about 99% of the content available on the interent. In fact, nearly that much is completely unreadable and was machine generated gibberish (real words, not sentences) in an attempt to fool Google and other search engines.

There are a few servers which host millions of subdomains with millions of manufactured pages under each subdomain.

In short, it's far worst than 99.9% of the entire internet being of little use.

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