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Comment Re:does not that imply low bandwidth? (Score 1) 172

60Ghz is very directional.

Combined with phased arrays you could get ~10Gbit to any machine you can see directly (opposite side, perhaps 1 or 2 rows up and down) without restriction to the number of pairs.

It actually sounds extremely useful for something like Hadoop because it doesn't require extremely fast switches since communication can be made through a less centralized means.

Comment Re:Oh bullshit. (Score 5, Interesting) 113

It's made infinitely easier by being asynchronous and 99% reads. There are no timing issues. If a post is delayed to someones screen by a minute or two, nobody dies.

It's not terribly difficult to make numerous (near infinite) read-only replica's of a database which are within tens of milliseconds of the primary; so that takes care of 99% of their problems.

Handling their write load is harder but keep in mind the vast majority of their accounts are idle; and again asynchronous writes make it much much easier. They can shove everything through a message queue and put heavy-weight sharding of the data behind that.

I think handling 100 Million banking customers in 2000 was infinitely harder than Facebook has it from a technical standpoint.

Comment Re:It's only Natural (Score 3, Insightful) 114

5. It's possible that scientists which include spin and get good news coverage receive additional funding the next year. Those who don't may not, and eventually end up an assistant to someone who does spin.

No idea if the above is true but if our carrot/stick system is setup this way but if it is then spin is guaranteed.

Comment Re:I don't give a Zuck! (Score 1) 290

It does particularly on the 2.x series.

Heck, Google Maps (the web based version) didn't run on the browser shipped with Gingerbread. Thankfully FireFox mobile with the UserAgent faker (Googles map servers provided invalid javascript for the default mobile UserAgent) made it work.

Jelly Bean seems to be fine but it will be a several years before Gingerbread disappears.

Comment Re:Traditional British/American folk music also (Score 1) 576

Woody Guthrie said that if you're using more than three or four chords in a song you're just showing off. And a lot of the garage bands of the 50s-70s started off only knowing four chords, and that was really enough; you could always transpose if you didn't know the chords.

Limiting the number of chords per song makes perfect sense. Limiting your entire lifes knowledge to 3 or 4 chords is entirely different.

Bands, particularly different bands, are allowed to have more variation between songs than within a single song and this is about variation between songs.

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