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Comment Re:Legal use of big bandwidth paying the price... (Score 1) 350

Comcast's cable network was never designed to handle Video on Demand services, much less BitTorrent. Couple that with the fact that they over subscribed their network, and you get what you are seeing now. Until fiber starts to replace more of the existing copper, you're going to see this type of QoS activity from most providers (that or more sinister types of throttling). This is the kind of crap that happens when marketing is divorced from the IT.

Submission + - Ballmer's patent claims, untrue, apparently!

muchtooold writes: "The Register reports that "The author of a report used by Microsoft as evidence of open source patent infringement has said his report means the opposite of what Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said it means." From the article ( microsoft_oss_patent/), Ballmer's recent statement that Linux violates patents cited a report that, the report's author Dan Ravicher says, is not what the report said and it does not claim that open source software faces legal problems."

Submission + - Motherboard Replacements and Vista OEM EULAs

Knackster writes: If you decide to replace the motherboard in your computer, should you have to pay Microsoft again for the OS that came with the system? Well, in Redmond they think so, and that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. What I do find a bit surprising is that Microsoft has chosen not to inform end users, not even in the darkest depths of the Windows EULAs, of this policy. Instead, computer manufacturers have just quietly been told that, hey, that's the way it's going to be. Read More

Submission + - wiping hard drive, notebook

bfullback34 writes: "i am trying to create a gw scan disk on my desktop, so that i can erase the hard drive on my laptop, however my desktop has no floppy drive. can a gw scan be created on a cd-r, are thier any ways aroudn this?"

Submission + - Critical Flaws With MS Exchange Alternatives

techie writes: reviews a number of MS Exchange alternatives and comes away unimpressed. Why? Because the open source alternatives are incompetent from a corporate standpoint. "What's interesting is that I remain interested in Scalix as an Exchange alternative, but not from Scalix Collaboration. It's a shame, too, as the website appears to have had a ton of time put into it, but it is reflective of why corporations need to have competent marketing firms working with them. It's like someone let the engineers out of the cubes to write their marketing plan. There are tons of reasons why this platform rocks with no seriously usable method of using it.

Submission + - Interest rates, and why they will rise.

steveaitken writes: Interest rates are used to control inflation, but an interesting question would be — is it the interest rates that control inflation, or the predictions of what the interest rates will do. If I were the bank of England, then I would be predicting the very opposite of what was going to happen. By predicting this, a balance would be achieved — if people thought that the interest rates were going to rise, then they would not take out as many loans, and as such — inflation would drop, stopping the interest rates from needing to rise. Of course, the question is — knowing this, does that mean that they should double-bluff.. In the meantime though — since they are predicting it will fall back, I bet it will rise.

Submission + - Scientology harrassment attempt backfired badly

BertDeJong writes: Making a critical documentary about the cult of Scientology wasn't made easy for BBC Panorama's investigating journalist John Sweeney, as he was being follow-up, harrassed, and intimidated for days by one "Tommy" (wearing sunglasses and a black suit) of Scientology during his investigation. Sweeney lost it after a couple of days, and explained "Tommy" where they were at. Scientology taped the event, and decided it would be good message to enemies of Scientology so they put it on Youtube. But this badly backfired when Panorama viewing rates went through the roof in Britain. Scientology are now considering legal steps.

Submission + - Coke to give away 2 BILLION iTunes downloads

chris_law writes: In the biggest music promotion in history, Coke and iTunes have teamed up to give away 2 billion free iTunes downloads to lucky Coke drinkers over 4 months. The immense promotion will run from this month and will launch at the Cannes Film Festival with a performance from Faithless. There's speculation as to whether EMI's new DRM-free catalogue of songs will be included in the deal. Regardless, this is huge news for digital download fans and massive promotion of the already dominating iTunes Store.

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