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Comment Re:Coverage map (Score 2, Informative) 89


That's just the coverage available on one particular website. (Other sites can have different data sources and different coverage.) Also, those rectangles just mean that there is some coverage within the rectangle. (Often, coverage is available around larger cities and a lot of the area is not covered.)

Furthermore, AIS is sometimes used for collision avoidance, so it is used for safety.

Comment Re:Were those disks verified? (Score 1) 317

Yes, verifying burns is a very good idea. However, I have encountered CD-Rs which verified okay and then went bad a few years later. One thing to consider is that verifying only shows that the data is readable. It does not show the quality of burn. So for example data might be readable, but only after a lot of error correction. In such a situation a small amount of degradation could make it unreadable. If the data is especially important, I do a PIE/PIF scan on DVDs to see the quality of the burn. I've never seen anything close to a 10% verification failure rate on CDs or DVDs. If you are getting that, something is wrong.

Comment Re:The death of (Score 4, Informative) 334

The official Scrobbler can fingerprint music. This feature analyzes the way the music sounds to help identify untagged and inaccurately tagged tracks. Presumably it only allows one to identify what music is in the file, not what file you have, so for example they shouldn't be able to tell the difference between an MP3 you ripped and encoded yourself and one that came from a release group.

Digital TV Coupon Program Under Way Again 147

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from CNet: "Federal regulators said Thursday they are going into 'search and rescue' mode to help the millions of consumers unprepared for the phased transition to digital television, which culminates with the June 12 transition deadline. The millions of consumers waiting for coupons for digital converter box coupons will finally receive them within the next two and a half weeks, thanks to emergency funding for the coupon program provided in the stimulus package, said Bernadette McGuire-Rivera, an administrator for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The NTIA is also ratcheting up its outreach to consumers most likely to be unprepared for the transition... FCC commissioners said their agency is also intensifying its outreach, but they acknowledged that while one third of television stations have already dropped their analog signals, the hardest part is yet to come." We previously discussed the DTV coupon program when it ran out of money in January. The $650 million from the stimulus packages adds to the $1.3 billion that's already been spent.

Submission + - Why buy Quadro when you can mod them for free? (

crazyeyes writes: "Many folks claim that it is impossible to mod cheap desktop 3D cards into expensive professional 3D cards but that's not true. NVIDIA GeForce users can mod their cards into Quadro cards using a simple software mod. The cost — zero. Why pay nVidia for the higher cost when both Quadro and GeForce cards are the same thing? The results are spectacular! "

Comment How lame! (Score 1) 386

"a problem that mobile phone carriers and manufacturers have been struggling with"? They're causing the problem!
For example, my phone has a camera. Why doesn't my phone have a standard USB connector. Why didn't Bell or the manual tell me I can download photos over USB? Why isn't the cable included? (It can't be expensive.) Why am I charged for uploading photos over the air, the same amount as if I sent photos to someone? Why did Bell tell me that uploading is free and then charge me? Why is the camera such a piece of crap in terms of optical quality, JPEG artifacts and user interface?

Superconducting Power Grid Launches In New York 264

EmagGeek writes "IEEE is running a story about a new superconducting power grid that was energized in April in New York State. The lines operate at 138kV and are cooled to 65-75K to maintain superconductivity. These lines are run underground and can carry 150 times more electricity than copper lines of the same cross section. The project is funded with taxpayer dollars through the Department of Energy." A related story at MarketWatch indicates that this is part of a large-scale effort to upgrade aging infrastructure.

How To Show Code Samples? 485

Todd writes "I've been looking around at 'help wanted' advertisements for programming jobs, and almost all of them demand that you not only have professional experience, but also that you show samples of your work. This got me wondering; with the work product, trade secret, and non-disclosure laws/agreements, how exactly can you show work that you've done in a professional capacity to a prospective employer without violating the privacy of the company for which the code was written? For instance, I can't say I've written many BASH scripts (at least, not large ones) for myself personally, but the assortment of such scripts written for my current job is wide and varied indeed. I can't very well just deliver these scripts, or even small portions thereof, to third parties to help demonstrate my scripting prowess. With that in mind, what am I supposed to show them?"

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