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Comment Re:Dinosaur couldn't fly (Score 1) 49

Funny, I was kinda taught the opposite, that Pterodactyls were "flying Dinosaurs" but "completely unrelated to Birds" who were "entirely different" from Dinosaurs.

Turned out that a combination of my teachers not actually being that on-it, and the movement of science over the last 30-35 years, has meant I've had to relearn a lot of stuff that's turned out to be completely opposite to what I was taught.

Birds? Those are direct descendents of dinosaurs. Some even consider them "living" dinosaurs. There were even, according to the fossil evidence, dinos with feathers, which may even have been the majority - they didn't look like Rhinos/Hippos/Elephants, which makes sense given those are completely unrelated. If Jurassic Park were remade today, the CGI would be completely different.

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Journal Journal: Rather unimpressed with E-Trade today.

I've been a customer of theirs for over a decade, and I've had two ATM cards for the same account for many years. Recently, I needed to cancel one of the cards and instead of just replacing that card, they cancelled both of my cards. I just sent the following message to Neal Martin, VP of customer service at E-trade.


Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 150

It's been possible for a long time. There's an optional GMail extension that puts a number (number of unread emails, obviously) on the favicon that's continually updated, I have it installed for obvious reasons.

Unnecessary animated favicons I suspect would be so pointless that any website that used them would soon suffer a boycott, so I don't see that happening.

Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 150

Because it's not a minor story, it's a major story.

Let me put it like this: Remember the old joke about NASA spending a billion dollars developing a "space pen" that can write in zero gravity, and then finding the soviets were just using pencils?

Now, that'd have been newsworthy if it were true, right? And here's Google doing the same thing. "I just opened seven Youtube videos in new background tabs", says Sergey Brin, "and I can't tell which one is making noise! I need to know, fast, pronto, double quick!" he says to his chief engineer, "Find a solution that's as Google like as possible, smart, simple, and brilliant!"

So a team of engineers at Youtube has sat there, seriously, for whatever time it takes figuring out options to this, and they've decided, and Google's management have endorsed, a system of Animated page icons, with presumably everyone from graphic designers to their smartest CSS guy involved to make sure that everything is just right. And they have, without shame, announced this to the world.

Cueing an international round of headslaps as the rest of us point and say "The problem is that the video is PLAYING you idiots. Why would we want the video to play in a tab we just opened in the fucking background? Here's the problem."

And "Soviet Google", whatever that is (Apple? Microsoft? Altavista?) scrolls to line 27192 of the ActionScript in YouTube.flv, and point at a line that says:

// OK, now everything's in position, we've loaded the player object, finally let's save the user a click

Soviet Google would have done this:

// OK, now everything's in position, we've loaded the player object, finally let's save the user a click
// Update: 2013-AUG-05 - Users don't want the thing to autoplay, actually they hate this, disabled - sg


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Journal Journal: Another interesting stint at Apple. 5

For the last two years (almost), I was back at Apple working on the UI frameworks that the ProApps and the iApps use to give them their distinctive look. Interesting work, nice people to work with, and now I can say that there's some of my code in most of Apple's Pro and consumer apps on the Mac.

To everyone in PhotoApps, ProApps, Frameworks, and Dev Tools, thanks much! I enjoyed working with you.


Comment iOS developers face same issues (Score 1) 331

You app can be killed at any time.

Same is true of iOS.

Your display contexts get destroyed all the time and you have to be ready to re-create them.

Same is true of iOS (viewDidUnload).

Apple made things somewhat easier by not having true multitasking

As far as an app is concerned is has true multi-tasking, with multiple threads and so on - also there are any number of system events that can affect a running app like a call status bar being introduced, or memory being eaten up by some hungry background task (like mail or in the past few years just any other application finishing processing).

iOS developers don't have it any easier in regards to supporting all these things.


The Case of the Orca That Killed Its Trainer 395

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes "There's an interesting read at National Geographic by Kenneth Brower that probes the case of Tilikum, the homicidal killer whale, who killed his first trainer, 20-year-old Keltie Byrne in 1991. Then in July 6, 1999, a 27-year-old man who stayed after the park closed and evaded security to enter the orca tank was found dead and nude, draped over Tilikum's back with his genitals bitten off. Tilikum's most recent victim was Dawn Brancheau, the SeaWorld trainer he crushed, dismembered, and partially swallowed in 2010. 'Almost all students of orca believe that they are deranged by captivity, some more than others. Tilikum's record puts him at one end of a continuum. There have been dozens of attacks on trainers by an assortment of orcas in the marine parks around the world. [The movie] "Blackfish" shows video from several of these episodes at SeaWorld,' writes Brower. 'What is remarkable about Orcinus orca in marine parks is not these rare episodes. What is remarkable is their monumental forbearance.' For its part SeaWorld is attempting to cast the filmmakers as the true villains, characterizing them as anti-captivity zealots. The company says '"Blackfish" is inaccurate and misleading and, regrettably, exploits a tragedy that remains a source of deep pain for Dawn Brancheau's family, friends and colleagues.'"

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