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Comment It is reasonable!! (Score 1) 489

Its not reasonable for there to be such vast disparities in population between the states.

I totally disagree. There were huge divisions even when the original stricture of government was set up. But it makes sense that if you want each state to be an equal participant in government, you have some means to give each equal representation regardless of population.

Otherwise states less populated would get totally overwhelmed by what the more populated states want to do. That is not a good thing. The Senate is there to put the brakes on mere populism.

The whole checks and balances thing is not just a catchy phrase. It's there to keep the government from running unchecked and letting a passionate mob ruin everything.

Comment Point is irrelevant (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Yes, the laws were flawed, and yes, that's the idea Asimov mined to produce some interesting stories.

But the thing here is that those laws require both a free-thinking intelligence that can reason non-linearly, and a locked-down computer-like slavish obedience to simplistic concepts. As we have yet to put any kind of actual AI in the field, we not only don't have such magic combo, we don't even know how to make such a magic combo.

The only high-level intelligence we know of is us; and getting one of us to rigidly obey the three laws would be an exercise in utter frustration. No reason to think it'd be any more practical in Robbie the Robot, esq., citizen of the Consolidated Intelligences Union.

Comment Re:Classic... (Score 2) 85

It sounds to me as if you're confusing refactoring, where existing, good, well tested, code is kept, and reorganized so that it's more maintainable, extendible, and better suited to current needs, with rewriting, where good code is thrown out and new code is written introducing new bugs.

Refactoring does not take "years". Ever.

Comment Re:Nuke hystyeria (Score 1) 464

Nice job misquoting me. That "almost" you left out is critical to understanding what I said.

See any steel mills? Visit Bethlehem and check 'em out. See any television or radio manufacturers? Other than Apple's recent foray into trash can manufacture, see any computer manufacturers? (and no, importers of Chinese parts to assemble don't count) Been to Detroit lately? That's a bloody eye-opener, I can tell you. Or just take a trip to Walmart and check country of origin on, well, just about anything.

Sure, there's a little manufacturing left, but it's a pale shadow of what we have had in the past.

Comment Re:California is too large (Score 1) 489

Rhode Island gets two senators and california gets 2? Dumb.

I feel really, really sad for whoever tried to teach you civics.

Or do you not understand the difference between house and senate and WHY they are different?

Not that it doesn't' make sense to split up a few really large states like California though. Then they could have a half not hostile to farming.

Comment Opposite is true, Silicon Valley funds state (Score 1) 489

It could be argued that Silicon Valley has benefitted the most from the California taxpayer.

That cannot be argued, because it is totally backwards! Do you have any idea how much tax revenue both Apple and Google ALONE bring into the state? Never mind tons of VC money flowing into companies there, which flows into the state through income taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes on things the government buys... That is money flowing in from all over the world that California benefits hugely from.

If it were not for Silicon Valley, the state of California would look like Detroit thanks to the policies and regulations they have enacted!

It is only fair to split up the debt though because the people across the state voted for the people and policies that brought on the debt. It's just that the Silicon Valley section will pay off their debt in a year or two, while in that same timeframe most of the other sections would probably declare bankruptcy.

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