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Comment Why can't you get anything right? (Score 0) 279

No iPhone older than the 4S

iPhone *4* (I'm running it on one right now!!). Can't you Apple Haters learn to read a spec sheet right just once?

So if your iPod touch is more than one year old

Then it may still work because the 5th gen iPod touch launched on October 11th, 2011.

Do you know what year it is now?

Then again, why the hell are you bringing the Touch into this when we are talking about Apple TV?

A newer AppleTV that supports games is not out yet but neither is the XBox one, so the point of ages of devices that support iOS7 is utterly irrelevant to my point or anything else. It's just your Apple Hater Tourette's forcing you to post anything you find slightly negative about Apple even if irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Comment Re:Another litmus test (Score 2) 279

Google Glass?

Did you happen to notice that people have an issue with that also?

Anyway the 'by design' part doesn't matter

A whole bunch of people disagree with you.

Malware on everything else has to turn on the camera/mic and then record data without triggereing indicators (for instance on IOS you would need to be running an app AND grant permission to access the camera/microphone)..

Malware running on an XBoxOne just has to get to the cached data the system is using to figure out what is happening, or possibly Microsoft sends some of that data over the network for analysis and you can monitor it there (remember the heavy emphasis on the cloud processing for the XBoxOne).

Basically the XBoxOne comes shipped one step further than most other things to doing something that you don't want done - and all because it saves you from having to find a "power on" button. The tradeoff is just not worth it for many people.

Comment Re:Didn't think it was possible (Score 3, Insightful) 577

Tell that to Germany with 32 gigawatts of solar installed and counting.

You mean the country with enormous economic wealth, that is spending vast sums more money than they should have to after panicking and shutting down nuclear reactors all over?

I am wondering just what nation in Africa you image can afford what Germany can afford.

German solar power is the equivalent of a tiny poodle perfectly manicured in a little pink sweater. Pretty to look at but an entirely impractical luxury that most cannot afford.

If the statement had said "and we're helping Africa fund nuclear stations" that would have been one thing, but we all know that would never be uttered by the same people that claim to want to help the environment.

Comment Another litmus test (Score 2) 279

how is the Xbox One Kinect any worse than any smartphone, tablet, or laptop that has a webcam and/or a mic that people take around with them everywhere, even to bedrooms and bathrooms?

When you take a phone or tablet into the bathroom, do you have the cameras pointing at your face/floor - or ceiling / groin?

Also, do you turn on your camera while in the bathroom? What tablet or smartphone BY DESIGN always is listening through the mic and monitoring the camera?

Comment The "most to lose" (Score 1) 577

Africa has the most to lose with global warming.

And that would be... what? SInce we all know now that global climate change does not specifically mean warming all over.

But if it did mean Africa getting generally warmer, remind me again what life saving air conditioning runs on?

I mean, if you really thought Africa was getting warmer it seems like you would make some allowances to help them, not specifically to yank help away and let more people die than have to. That is, if you wanted to help people at all.

Comment Re:Story time (Score 1) 276

There seem to be a lot of RTL sticks out there. I know of a dev who is working on a server app that takes an RTL stick and creates a routable Ethernet stream from them with the intent of making it compatible with my SdrDx app. I do support USB soundcard SDRs, but quickly grew less than enthused with USB as people constantly complain about windows installing the wrong USB drivers over the ones that are correct and things stop working, plus it's a PITA to maintain the separate code bases for USB across Windows and OSX. Ethernet based SDR setups are *so* much cleaner to handle, plus Qt (which is what I use to make this cross platform) has network drivers that work well, and identically, on both platforms. The real win, though, for a lot of people is the ability to remote the SDR away from local noise.

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