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Comment Re:By voting for Obama, one voted against Romney (Score 1) 442

Yes, really. By the time the election rolled around, I could:

vote for Obama

Vote for Romney

Realistically, those were the only choices. Inasmuch as I want the ACA to go forward, Obama was actually the only choice, as Romney wasn't saying anything at all I could get behind.

Any idea of voting for Paul or someone even less popular would have lost Obama a vote against Romney, while doing absolutely nothing to see the person I voted for actually get elected. I could not, in good conscience, do *anything* that would, or even might, help Romney.

Given the circumstances, I am content with that vote; I think it was the best choice available at the time.

If you think you can fix the American political system, by all means, do so. Until then, though, it's turd sandwich or shit bagel. Picking is a matter of holding one's nose and hoping you really like bread.

Comment Re:The US is doing the same (Score 1) 153

You don't really think that the gigantic Utah Data Center was created to store a few thousand phone conversations, do you? Nope. I suspect that the NSA is storing ALL electronic communications such as phone and email from everyone in US. It might examine only a few thousand by hand, but it is all being recorded.

Only an idiot thinks the US can have datacenters large enough to record every single conversation, email content and video phone conversation on a daily basis, never mind the personnel when the State and Federal Government have downsized personnel by several million positions.

Comment Have to admit, would like that feature... (Score 1) 95

There are a number of times by the time I was able to get to mark something on Waze I'm really too far past it to mark anything accurately...

I think the reason they do that though is to prevent too many false reports. Because it's fixed to where you are you can't have too many people lying about things.

One thing they could do though is to limit reports to places you had been in the past five minutes, or along the general road you are on going back a few miles.

I guess with Waze being bought by Google it's time to make a better Waze that corrects all the flaws in current Waze.

Comment Stuff is Terrible! (Score 2) 129

And the more you get rid of, the more the rest of us can buy at used prices, reducing our COL, stress, and shopping angst. Works for me. Get rid of stuff! Stuff is bad! Particularly stuff like, um, money, yeah, and cute girlfriends, and um, let's see, great audio gear, fine guitars, and... oh, hey, stuff like an original Apple I, you have one of those, it's *really* ruining your life, just email me and I'll solve your horrible problem; I'll pick it up personally for you. I am your best friend in this matter. Carry on, now.

Comment Re:What does he plan to do... (Score 3, Insightful) 229

Because it's a troll. It's basically an abuse of statistics to cherry pick a range and then turn around and say "Aha, reality matches what I'm saying!". Ten years? They show warming. 20? Warming. 30? Warming. Do I need go on? But right now, if you pick 15 years (apparently, I thought it was 17? Or maybe it was 17 last year?) you can pretend there's been a tiny bit of cooling.

Comment Re:Misses the point (Score 1) 419

How is the support library not easy?

It is easy. What it is not is nearly as expansive as iOS6 support libraries, never mind iOS7.

And why can't this be achieved with the support library?

Some of it could but a huge number of changes rest on top of an operating system tuned to make them practical to use from the standpoint of performance and battery life for the phone.

As an application developer, why would you shun the support library that brings new functionality from new versions to older platforms?

Because if the performance sucks and the battery life is horrible due to my application, *I* am the one that gets blamed, not the platform.

Comment Speaking of garbage scowls... (Score 1) 95

Seriously never get a job selling phones.

What an ironic foreshadowing!

itunes is looking a clunky relic, and music playing and purchasing from through the cloud with your favourite application can be done on the cheapest Android without any of that ugly legacy baggage. ... and also on any iPhone. Talk about being someone who doesn't know anything about phones! You haven't needed to use iTunes on a PC for what, six years?

Seems like you could probably get a job at Radio Shack with that level of technical expertise.

On the flip side Google offer a competing service on the Apple phone, the embarrassment

It is pretty embarrassing that Apple is so powerful that Google is forced to write apps that work on the iPhone, eh? It's not like Apple has to write map apps for Android. But Google does for iPhone if they do not want to wither and grow irrelevant.

This is strange ... bullshit.

Edited down the helpful summary of your post and general level of mobile understanding.

Comment On Waze & routing (Score 1) 95

Also, the rerouting functionality of google maps is pretty limited

Forgot to comment on this - believe me, Waze has NOTHING to teach Google about routing. As you say they have better information when something happens to trigger a re-route, but Waze has sometimes really bad routing. I would use pretty much any app except Waze for routing (though I do like how Waze displays all known events along the route it has picked).

Comment Not somehow, somebody (Score 1) 95

Google maps has to wait for the traffic to start backing up, and that can occasionally screw you. Waze seems to sometimes be able to warn you before the cars really stack up.

That's because if a Waze user is driving by as an accident happens or just after, they can mark it on the map.

The question is, will people stay after Waze is owned by Google? I used Waze because I didn't want my traffic data fed into Google to correlate with everything else I do.

The problem is, nothing else quite like Waze exists so there are not a lot of options (that I know of).

If people do leave, it will affect the value Waze has... a risky move by Google where all the value is based on a user base that may shift elsewhere (though I 'm sure Waze has some good infrastructure, does Google really need a company to help them with good geolocated infrastructure? I think not).

Comment Tits not what I said (Score 1) 259

more importantly, couldn't be done on current massively parallel silicone chips

Where do you get silicone chips? Old breast implants? Do they only function in supporting roles? And by massively parallel, are you saying that anything below a DD won't work? To start up a silicone chip, do you bra-strap it instead of boot-strap it? Are silicone chips the ideal technology to create AI's without feelings?

I would like to learn more about this. How can I subscribe to your newsletter? I can already tell it's worth at least a nipple an issue.

Comment Re:BBC and NYT confirm this news (Score 1) 536

Others speculate that he's only going to Moscow in transit to Iceland (which has offered him asylum) or some other place.

Can Iceland offer him an effective asylum? It's a (pretty remote) island in Atlantic, with low population and almost no military. What, exactly speaking, would stop the US from simply taking him? It does have a history of invading small countries for whatever reason, and both R and D have plenty of reason to scare other whistleblowers into silence.

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