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Comment Re:Gov. Work (Score 1) 814

I work with a NYS agency computer system, it was actually updated to allow entry of same sex couples before same sex marriage was permitted in the state (out of state marriages were recognized and so the system was updated) this system is an ancient steam powered dinosaur of a terminal system, there is no excuse for a national agency not to support this, i suspect it's more of Harper's bullshit.

Comment Re:Valid big conclusion, useless article. (Score 1) 183

I disagree, wiping out bots makes the internet safer, except for the knuckleheads with botnet software ont heir machine.

wiping out actual attacker machines is useless because they will be attacking from disposable VM's and such, unless you have a payload that will

a) root the guest OS
b)break out of the hypervisor
c) root the host OS
d) destroy valuable hardware components

you will be wasting time

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