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Comment The sensor does not consume power. (Score 1) 22

You still need power to act on the recognized gestures. But to output a small set of states it does not consume power and uses ambient energy. Looks like they recognize some four or five gestures. Hand coming in, hand going out, fist. Mixing them temporally, they may be able to get some 8 different states. It can lead to always on sensors, but even to act on the recognized sensors you need an always on actively powered (not ambiently powered) system.

It is cool, though.

Comment That debt is solid gold! (Score 4, Informative) 538

It can't be discharged by any bankruptcy proceedings. You are hooked for life once you take a loan in this form. We abolished debtors prisons sometime around 1800s, then indentured labor then fought a civil war to end slavery. Then created a debt that can survive even bankruptcy chaining the earnings of someone for life!

Comment Directly contacting gov agencies. Good idea? (Score 5, Interesting) 137

Is it really a good idea to contact these law enforcement agencies directly, via a cold call? These agents come with varying background and knowledge about various spheres of life. You can't expect all FBI agents to be well versed in cyber crime etc. And most of them deal with law breakers most of the time. After spending decades in that mode, they would be suspicious of everything. Yes, most criminals would not contact the cops voluntarily. But many mentally unstable people would, so would people with political axes to grind looking to find some patsy to create a media story. So cops would be quite suspicious of people, even if they voluntarily call them. So even if I stumble on some serious security hole, I am not sure I would directly call the cops.

But there will be access logs and ip addresses saved in all kinds of places that will have evidence that I had stumbled on to that security hole. If I try to cover my tracks that would be even more trouble for me.

I don't know what the right thing to do would be. May be I should spring for a lawyer, document everything with my lawyer and use the lawyer to contact the agencies.

Is there a recommended way by FBI or Secret Service where one can go, establish the non-criminal bona-fide of oneself and have an intelligent conversation with someone and point out such security flaws? It is in the interest of FBI to maintain such a unit.

Comment Re:Apple and Microsoft are so much alike (Score 1) 179

I rummaged around the file system. I did not find /Masters folder in my $home. There is no /Master folder in the root. I just checked. I know my way around the file system, enough to discover a clever way to keep your AVCHD folders any way you liked them and mounting them as fresh camera repository to their video editor using symbolic links. (Search for symbolic link, avchd in the same 140mandak262jamuna handle.) I know I can take anything out any way I want to. But it was not easy, not was not intuitive. I was probably expecting more and it needed a lot of work.

My biggest beef was it was converting all my videos to quicktime. And it id not support mpg files directly. It wanted me to buy some software for jpg support. After shelling out 1300$ I hated being nickel and dimed for stupid mpg2 support. At that point I lost interest and just gave the machine to my kid. It still works it is on the next desk. But I touch it rarely. When I got it fresh, I did lots of stuff with ffmpg, scripting it to reencode some videos etc. I had an external hard disk that failed and after that there were so many dead links it was a pain to use iPhoto. I was not willing to spend the time to learn enough to clean it up.

Unless you are careful and know your way around unix basics, Apple will trap you into their walled garden. They have their own video format, audio format, image format, even ascii files have a different line ending.

Comment Re:No (Score 2, Insightful) 180

No it is not good enough. Commercial aircraft is flown by people with constant training, check lists, protocols, under the guidance of air traffic control. They are supposed to be not drunk, supposed to be well rested. Cars? driven by everyone from pimply teens giggling and texting while driving all the way up to 90 year old grandma who only has a vague nebulous feedback from her right foot when she is on arthritis medication.

Comment Apple and Microsoft are so much alike (Score 1, Informative) 179

They both believe in vendor lock. When I got my iMac it converted my photos from my camera to some iPhoto library from which it was quite difficult to take it out in simple jog files. For the two years I used iMac my videos and photos were all so locked up I actually lost interest and reduced my shutter bug instincts a lot.

Comment Will this be cheaper? (Score 0) 167

Dig a hole adjacent to the powerplant, about 1 km deep.

Build an enclosure covering both the top of the hole and the power plant.

Set off series of small explosives to reduce the power plant to small sized rubble. The enclosure should be able to contain the debris and be airtight. They could spray gasoline on the debris and burn them repeatedly to weaken the structures before setting off these small explosives. The explosives will be set using remote controlled vehicles.

User remote controlled bulldozers to push the rubble into the hole

Back fill the hole with the tilings.

Cover it with a concrete slab some 30 meters thick.

Comment Demo looks suspect (Score 0) 216

The red line in the map does not seem to match the output from the program

1. Gibraltor and Madrid are the end nodes. It is not on either end of the red line.

2. Rome to Athens with one stop over. I dont see that at all in the red line

Is the output real, or is it "simulated for advertisement" we used to see in the old print ads for TV sets?

Open Source

Video 'Write the Docs' is a Conference for People Who Write Software Docs (Video) 24

There is this guy, Eric Holscher, who has been doing FOSS development for quite a while. He's been on GitHub since 2008, and got involved in Gittip not long after it started in 2012. Not long after that, Eric started thinking about how open source software developers have all kinds of conferences and have many communities they can join and learn from each other, while those who write documentation, especially for FOSS, typically work all alone in a vacuum.

So why not have a conference for documentation writers (and developers who want to hook up with writers who can help them make high-quality docs)? Don't limit it to FOSS, but make sure that's the emphasis. Call the conference 'Write the Docs' and have the first conference in Portland, Oregon, in 2013. Which is exactly what Eric did. A year later, a second 'Write the Docs' conference is scheduled in Budapest (Hungary) at the end of March, and the next Portland conference is set for May 5.

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