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Comment Re:Wake me up when we support multiple video cards (Score 2) 183

Actually curious, how do you remote an app in Windows at all? As far as I knew you ran it on the desktop and remoted the whole desktop...and how do you switch the app from one machine to another? I'd like to be able to do this often. If it's available in windows I've been missing out...

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 510

What you say is true in a lot of people, that there are those who want to be in power over others, but that's not the central issue. In most cases where someone is in advantage over another it's due more to competition than to pure desire to have domination over someone. The issue is more the perceived playing field that they are competing on...the 'evil banker' is considering themselves a better competitor in the playing field they see. They feel justified. Perceived survival in competition is a base level drive for everyone, some, not the majority, just take some known damaging actions as they claw their way to the top in trying to keep from getting behind everyone else clawing along side you.
It's not quite as bleak as you make out that all humanity currently desires to lord power over others....there's a more basic drive that will either adjust on it's own or need to be adjusted on purpose: the perceived playing field will need to get brought into some kind of shared image instead of individual one-off version for everyone.
As far as the minimum wage jobs and similar, I see technology helping get the most out of each person. Right now lots of people work jobs that do not use their full potential, i.e. could be performed by part of a person , not needing 100% of a person. but they have to put a lot of their resources into doing less than 100% most of the time. Basically wasted talents because the role can currently only be performed by a person since we lack the technology to cover the gap...the gap between what technology can do (what % of a person it can replace) and the number of jobs that only need that % of a person...labor jobs use say 15-20 % of a persons focus and ability and technology is somewhat able to cover that...under certain circumstances. Once technology can fill the place of say 80-90 % of what a person can do (talking averages unfortunately, which is always misleading when talking people) then we can drop technology in place for most of the menial jobs out there , ranging for those that take 15-20% up to that 90% which will cover much more of the jobs needed to keep a society/city/nation/whatever running. The we'll have a whole new playing field and will see if our abilities then go up or if it just frees us up to do other things. But, it will happen over a LONG period of time and won't have the catastrophic impact that many envision...

Comment GPLv2 gives the reciever of software rights (Score 3, Insightful) 371

the point, as I understand it, of GPLv2 is to allow someone who gets a piece of software to have some freedom (not a free ride) with what they just got. There's no issue with making money off it.
rule of thumb: if you get a piece of software, can you change it at the code level? can you pass on those changes to someone else without having to check with who you got it from? if either answer is "No" then there's a problem if you got a supposed GPLv2 piece of software.

Comment Re:Important difference (Score 1) 297

a push for 100% enforcement of any law by the people who make those laws is bad no matter the consequence. It opens up the opportunity for lawmakers to abuse laws and the people that they are enforced on to have no way out from under the abuse. Even ones that are for good reasons set precedent for the bad ones. The downside of keeping freedom is the risk that someone will do a "bad" (not illegal, bad) thing and get away with it.

That's why that quote from Ben Franklin is appropriate: you're giving up some freedom (the ability to break the laws if the people's opinion, not lawmakers) in exchange for security (or maybe stability is the better term...same thing though in the end) is a no-win path in terms of long-term freedom. Government surveillance of any kind (which is what the required black box is) can easily become an attempt for 100% enforcement. That's just where the trend goes and why privacy advocates get nervous.

Comment can we get useful errors? (Score 1) 536

I'm all for another option if it results in less cryptic error messages thrown to the user level. I don't know how many times I've had to help someone and told them don't read that error literally. what it REALLY means is this....because a single function spit out an error and was just passed up the chain until the user sees it ....
How about a language that takes into account that errors are more common than successes and throws successes instead of errors?

Comment who cares about the efficiency? (Score 1) 144

At this stage in development, efficiency isn't a big deal , unless it can be proven early on that it will always be too horrible compared to alternatives...and that only counts if there are alternatives.
What is interesting/important is it's potential as (pointed out lots of times in the comments) a steam engine that avoids big boilers and has the same kick as an ICE since it uses the same mechanical layout. Any other heat-driven engines that can do the same? same kick, same overhead?
reading comments seems to say no so far: Stirling engines don't have the variable torque output for use in cars. Steam boilers are too heavy and involve piping steam around the system (dangerous and complex). Even converting the sunlight directly to electricity runs into storage problems (batteries aren't big enough yet) . I've seen come comments that heated oil may actually be a good way to store solar energy...not sure if it beats batteries, but worth a look.
This is another tool in the toolbox if it works. Is there anything that says this won't?

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