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Comment Re:Use GPS (Score 1) 178

While computers have significant issues with subtraction, I am positive someone can find a solution to this monumental problem. After all the algorithm, while clearly complex seems solvable if only networked computers could connect to some remote resource to discover new information occasionally. Or perhaps these computing devices could respond to some sort of human interaction to gather such information and respond in a well defined manor.

Comment Re:Why so discriminating? (Score 1) 1036

You did not understand what I wrote. I could restate part of the question as "How do you know you actually believe anything?" but language is ambiguous and the idea is complex so who knows if you get my point.

Or even three questions: "do you know what belief is?" followed by "do you understand what 'Jesus is Lord' means?" Followed by "do you have that belief?" but even that's extremely vague.

Anyway Parables are a great way for someone to completely miss the point while thinking they understand what you area saying. It's possible that God does not care about the minor details (and it's a reasonable argument to make), however that's also a massive assumption. (Both in how God feels and what's minor.) (EX: "Is eating specific things at specific times important or minor?" is really two question "is it minor?" and "Is it important?")

PS: My point is simply one of clarity. It's easy to shape what you read/hear/see to fit your prior assumptions, but be careful when you assume you completely understand a given sentence let alone a book and or things of importance.

Comment Re:Why so discriminating? (Score 1) 1036

That's a fairly odd interpretation of those words. Are you part of "all who believe" aka do you have the correct belief including all relevant details and do you actually believe it or do you just parrot the words? How would you quantify and verify that? After all get it wrong and you suffer for eternity, after all if there is a one chance in a in a googolplex that you are wrong your making a really bad bet etc.

Going from what was said, to what was written, to a translation of that, to an interpretation of that, to a car analogy is a little much don't you think? Could that just be your Ego talking?

Comment Re:IPO: It's Probably Overpriced, but... (Score 1) 274

They are in no way targeting the same market as the Yaris. They are currently selling the Tesla Roadster sports car, which has a base price of US$109,000.

The 50k Model S (which is not out yet) is targeting the BMW 5 Series market (528i = $44,550+ to 550i = $66,000+ MSRP) and when you run the numbers comparing them the Model S is vary cost effective.


Believing You Are Very Good Or Evil Boosts Your Physical Capabilities 192

Research by Kurt Gray, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard, shows that a person's capacity for willpower and physical endurance increases if they perceive themselves as good or evil. "Evil" acts in particular give a person a large boost in physical strength. From the article: “'People perceive those who do good and evil to have more efficacy, more willpower, and less sensitivity to discomfort,' Gray said. 'By perceiving themselves as good or evil, people embody these perceptions, actually becoming more capable of physical endurance.' Gray’s findings run counter to the notion that only those blessed with heightened willpower or self-control are capable of heroism, suggesting instead that simply attempting heroic deeds can confer personal power."

Need a Friend? Rent One Online 134

crimeandpunishment writes "Housewives, college students, and others are working for a website that charges users an hourly rate for their companionship. No, it's not an escort service — at least it's not one 'with benefits.' It's a site called, that's trying to carve out a niche in the 'everything's available online' business world. The seven-month-old site, patterned after hugely successful sites in Asia, has nearly 2,000 members who pay either a monthly or yearly fee to check out the pictures and profiles of more than 160,000 potential pals." I thought Craigslist had already cornered the market on renting a friend for an hour or two.

Comment Re:Not just Google (Score 1) 543

Primitive life expectancy was dominated by deaths in early child diseases if you lived to be 5 your chances of reaching 70 where not much worse than they are today. Medicine has been most effective in extending the life of people from 0 to 3 and 55+. But even 2000 years ago some people still lived to their late 90's.

Comment Re:Pftt (Score 1) 487

"I can... only three years" so in other words you can't. Anyway, there have been windows boxes that sit around for about that long, but they don't get software updates etc.

PS: This was a backend database for a currier company. It was running Oracle 8i and some other miscellaneous software and saw fairly heavy use, (Dual CPU's at around ~80% for several hours a day with some peeks at 100.) It was patched and several new pieces of software where installed or updated with no major issues.

Comment Re:Potential, still needs some work (Score 2, Interesting) 303

If you are using propane for heating you may want to look into building a solar hot water heating system. Assuming you target an 80% solution (aka use 80% less fuel than you did) they can useually pay for them selves in 3 to 7 years. With larger scale systems having a faster payback time.

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