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Comment Re:Nah... (Score 1) 430

Good luck dealing with your Benevolent Masters when you finally run afoul of some set of regs that prevent you from doing something you really want to do to pursue your happiness.

You mean like collude with other oil companies to form a cartel and charge $10 a gallon because we can if there are no regulations to prevent it?

Comment Re:Unauthorized export resale? (Score 4, Insightful) 936

FTFY: Selling all your stock to one woman who obviously doesn't need $16,000.00 worth of phones and turning away all other customers who want to buy an iPhone (and will slag your store as useless to their friends because, 'what kind of iPhone store doesn't have iPhones?') and possibly a bunch of accessories AND any return business they might provide IS bad for business.

Comment Re:Withdrawn without explanation (Score 1) 115

Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Sit in your safe home and pontificate while others live in societies with secret police and dictators. The sad part of this is that America has slipped so badly they only lack the dictator part. But since government is already bought and paid for, maybe that part is already a forgone conclusion.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 4, Insightful) 597

I would bet you money that only a fraction of the people who use Linux have the ability to modify the code. So no it isn't a side issue. Just because something can be done doesn't mean everyone has the ability. This is one of the worst aspects of the Linux community, a minority of power users and programmers who like making tools saying completely unreasonable things concerning the majority of users who just want to use the tool. No, it is not easy to remove spyware from Linux even if the code is there in front of you. It is only easy if you know how. And it is only useful if it doesn't take so much time away from what you are doing that it kills any productivity you might require because you are spending all your time rebuilding your tools instead of using them. Many power users are content for Linux to continue to be a hobby system to fiddle with or relegated to power users only, while others just want to use the system.

Comment Why Canada has the Loonie (Score 1) 943

And the reason we have the loonie at all is because the weekend they shipped the stamps for the original mass market $1 coin design to the mint in Winnipeg was the weekend Winnipeg had one of its worst winter storms of the 20th century. Because of the severity of the storm and the disruption to any sort of normal transportation, they lost the stamps for the original coin design. The loonie was the backup dollar coin design. The Canadian dollar coin was originally supposed to be the traditional Voyageur design. Since the stamps went missing it would be too easy for someone to make their own coins if they fell into the wrong hands, so production was delayed and we have the loonie. (Is it counterfeiting if you are using the officials stamps? :)

When the storm was over there were two story snow banks. During the storm when people needed to go to the hospital emergency room and even when women went into labour, they sent out snowmobiles with trailers instead of ambulances, since everything was pretty much impassible in the city. I was putting myself through school working overnight at a 45 table pool hall (20 snooker tables at the time, and 25 9 ball tables). I got snowed in at the pool hall from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Right in the downtown. Almost no-one was there except for local neighbourhood people who would drop in. Since we couldn't go home we just kept working between hands in the two day poker sessions.

Comment Re:One idea (Score 1) 343

I am white but I have had occasion to be the only white guy around and was definitely discriminated against and felt pretty threatened. I get it. The best of those times was when the other people didn't give a shit if I was white. Just like I don't give a shite what you are. It isn't worth my time. I only care what you do. The closest thing I could say is if you are a white male, treat all strangers like you would treat another white male; which is usually not to give a shit who they are, or even pay attention to them.

>And if you do something that isn't right, or not good enough at work, then I have no problem with calling you out or firing you whatever. I don't want the baggage of caring so that it clouds my judgement based on the things you actually do. And so it doesn't cloud my judgement when other groups want to trot out the 'race card' etc. Because I really don't give a shit it I can see the reverse racism/discrimination taking place or the attitude behind it. I do give a shit when others of any background expose that kind of thinking.

The only thing that matters is what you do and your intentions. Except if your intentions are to care too much. People who care are the ones who fuck everything up.

There is a book by Graham Greene called The Comedians. Read it. You'll see the damage that people who care too much without actually wanting to understand things can do. And just because it might not match your specific situation doesn't mean it doesn't apply.

Comment Re:One idea (Score 5, Insightful) 343

If you have to try that hard it kind of seems pointless. Yeah I'm not racist I have lots of black friends. Whatever. The best way to show it doesn't matter is to just not give a shit. Once everyone is to the point where we all don't give a shit what the next guy is, then we'll be there. So stop fucking caring so much, it is counter productive.

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