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Comment Re:Other than trading (Score 1) 559

to be honest, I'd pay extra to watch the machine make my food. I'd love to be able to see all the moving parts and interesting devices made to dispense things like onion slices, lettuce leaves and other such delicate items.

I think a computer/machine would be able to make fies better than the humans do, and with more consistancancy as well.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 559

BTW I would pay extra for a burger made by a robot if i could watch it. BTW I still haven't figured out why a human makes fries at macdonadls? It seems like the computer would know better how many fies it is likely to need based on all sorts of data, how warm it is out, what time of day it is, if there is some sort of event happening, etc.

Comment Re:How is it different than GoPro? (Score 1) 205

Clubs, doctors offices, and the stores can all ban the use of video recording devices. My gym already does in the locker rooms. I'm still confused about the issue you have with it. I can already do everything you are discussing, I just need to wear a backpack while doing it right now. Would you object to anyone walking around with a backpack?

Comment Re: Major source of privacy loss (Score 1) 205

assume they are all the time and you'll be fine.

Wake me up when I can use it for walking or biking directions and fitness tracking for at least 6 hours, and can charge it via solar panels and I'm in. I'd gladly take somethnig like that backpacking with me. Being able to take a panorama shot without getting a camera out or removing hiking poles or taking the bag off would be handy, but it needs to be light weight, and have very long battry life, and be weather proof.

Comment Re:Not enough publicity (Score 1) 348

I agree, but have you tried to use any of the free #D systems after knowing something like solidworks or inventor? The free ones are clunky hard to use and in the way, where as a $10,000 license of inventor just gets out of your way and lets you get on with making things. It also comes with an extensive standrad parts library, for things like bolts, washers, structural steel tubing, etc.

I keep trying out the free CAD software and at the end of the day I keep wishing it was my work copy of autocad/inventor.

Comment Re:Dream on. (Score 1) 292

nope, those are fine, then all I see are blotches of color in the background. During the 3D movie, my brain thinks it should be able to focus further back, and refuses to accept that i can't. I know it's used for effect, and that fan in a 2D movie where the real focal plane and the apparent plane line up, but in a 3D one it's hell.

Comment Re:Dream on. (Score 4, Interesting) 292

I've seen one 3D movie (The hobbit in HFR), and I had to actively work to keep motion sickness and headaches at bay. I like looking at all the detail in the background, and that simply was not do-able in 3D. Also the scene where the fall down the mine-shaft i basically shut my eyes during since I couldn't keep up with the changing focal point.

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