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Comment Re:Dream on. (Score 4, Interesting) 292

I've seen one 3D movie (The hobbit in HFR), and I had to actively work to keep motion sickness and headaches at bay. I like looking at all the detail in the background, and that simply was not do-able in 3D. Also the scene where the fall down the mine-shaft i basically shut my eyes during since I couldn't keep up with the changing focal point.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 612

Gas (petrol) is ~$3.60/gal right now near me. Diesel is ~$4.00. That makes the cost of driving a wash if i could get a ~12% improvement in MPG. Since I'm /only/ getting 30MPG in my 1999 Saturn SW2, all I would need is a diesel with a combined real world MPG of around 35 to make it cheaper to drive. Looking at most of the diesels are doing much better than that.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 612

where is it that these cars are hard to start? I'm in Minnesota (Minneapolis), park outdoors at my apartment, and there is some grumbling on days below -20F, but my car always starts just fine. I see lots of VW TDI around here as well. I assume that they also start without issues given how many I see, but i could be wrong. There are none avaialbe on the used market either.

I used to live in Marquette Michigan, same thing there, no issues with starting in the winter.

Comment Re: Car analogy (Score 1) 392

Drive a VW DSG sometime if you like the feel of a manual. I drove my bosses GTI and despite haven drive automatics for the last few years found myself reaching for a clutch and shiftier. On lift off of the throttle the car slows down just like you'd expect in a manual. I had to try very hard to not press the "clutch" as the brake was one of those "automatic double wide" brakes and when you press a brake peddle like you would a clutch it gets fun in a hurry.

Comment Re:Oh, Linus; so adorable when you are angry. (Score 1) 208

I know your are an AC, but I am tasking you on behalf of the entire linux community to write and maintain the documentation for your grandma for every single UEFI bios/computer/variant out there on how to create and add a key.

Right, that is a huge task because every vendor is going to do it differently.

Comment Re:Cue the "Keith's owned by big oil!!" accusation (Score 2) 209

why don't we build a gen 4 reactor and actually decommission it when it's useful life is at an end, instead of running it for 10 more years, and ignoring all of the warning signs that it will be in trouble?

ohh and then complain that when a larger event than the facility was designed causes "minor" issues. Should we design all nuke plants to survive a direct hit from 2012DA14 without releasing any more radiation than you receive while flying across the USA in a commercial airliner? How about the moon? what about an off the scales hurricane, while there is a category 10 earthquake, and the "terrorists" try to blow it up? What if the sun explodes or aliens show up?

Comment Re:Teamwork (Score 1) 455

This is why they have things called phones. I work with Representatives all day. They are all over the country. I have on several occasions after two or 3 e-mails back and forth, just picked up the phone and called them. Honestly, given the small size of my office, and the frequency that someone is traveling, I could work from home, but I know I would be much less effective that way. I know that I need the physical location context switch to help trigger "work mode". If I was working from home i would have to have separate locations for work, and home life. I'm ignoring the fact that I have kids below school age that also distract me.

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