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Comment Re:Devil His Due (Score 1) 171

counting the iPad, apple has what? 6 hardware models that they keep supported at any one time? How many has samsung had in that time? HTC? Heck even nokia has had more than that. Now I am counting the 4 and 4S as different, when they weren't really.

Also Apple has had the ability to stand up to the carriers in the US. There are a few versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the wild. I think it is at least 3.

Comment Re:does not compute (Score 1) 203

I have several websites that I like whitelisted in adblock. In general though, I disliked the video ads from a few years back enough to blanket block just about everything.

If the webmasters would prefer we could recode adblock to download them, but never show them. Would that make them happier? At least their logs would seem to show that they were loaded but not clicked on.

Comment Re:Dear Microsoft (Score 1) 913

even when the mouse is next to the keyboard. Imagine entering values into a spreadsheet without being able to use tab or enter. How annoying is to have to lift your hand up move it 6" to the mouse, and then move the mouse a 1/2 inch and then return your hand to the keyboard and find your place on it again. It gets old around the 5th time you do that.

Anyways, just agreeing with you for the most part.

Comment Re:I've Seen Touch Screens For Years (Score 1) 913

Are any of them convertible, as in the screens can be rotated and folded down to make them tablets? I'd like a touchscreen laptop like that, as long as the hinge/folding part came with a 5 year warranty.

Wake me up when using excel is nice with no keyboard and I can get Tony Starks cad setup he uses when he gets back from being held captive in Iron Man 1 (and his rapid prototyping facility) and I'll buy one of these touchscreen laptop things.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 913

I haven't used a mousepad since I went to optical mice some 10+ years ago. My whole desk is my mouse pad, and generally that is enough space.

All trackpads on every laptop i've had have been disabled. The Dell at work, the thinkpads, the Acer's at home, everyone first thing to do is disable the trackpad. This took me 30-45 minutes to figure out how to do on my work Dell, as it was missing the Alps software.

Comment Re:So who won? (Score 1) 182

But if the ITU is going to make it a standard, it really should require patent grants for any patents that would cover that standard, and require all entities that are participating to sign agreements that they are agreeing that any patents they currently hold or will hold in the future will not be used against those implementing this standard.

Comment Re:They set the pricing model (Score 1) 238

I agree, if the ISP purposefully limits during times where not doing so would not harm network "stability" then the ISP is in the wrong. If it is limiting people at peak hours to ensure everyone can get some access then fine. I guess my point was if they oversell enough, those hours of congestion could easily become 90% of the day.

I would rather see the system set up in reverse. A customer buys a minimum speed, and can sometimes get more than that, but the network is sized such that everyone using their connection at the same time will mean everyone gets the minimum speed they paid for. That would mean smaller numbers on the paper, and likely less money for the ISP, but I can dream. Granted I have yet to notice a time where my 20mbps DSL didn't provide 20mbps of through put.

Comment Re:They set the pricing model (Score 1) 238

So what if I tell you you can have your pick from up to 6 widgets, but not at 5PM at night as i'm trying to get everyone else a widget as well so you what ever one was on top. If you came for your widget at 11PM, then you could have have your pick of any of the 6 widgets. Now say that instead of from 5PM to 6PM it's busy, I've hired enough people to make the times that there are not enough widgets for anyone to really get a choice from 4AM to 11PM? just come in to pick at a crappy time, and you can pick.

Comment Re:Fraud (Score 1) 238

now stream netflix to 3 devices and watch that 5mbps become 15mbps, before any other web traffic, or downloads. I'm at the point where anything under 20mbps, doesn't have enough bandwidth for typical evenings anymore. two tablets and a TV mean 15mbps is background data. Thats ignoring updates to the tables and the phones, and computers. All I can see is my bandwidth needs going up. I can't wait until my kids have some sort of video based lecture, or what not in 1080P, or start skypeing with friends, or grandma, or whatnot. Then I'll need a baseline of 40+mbps, if not more, just for background data.

Comment Re:They set the pricing model (Score 1) 238

read your agreement, It's "up to 40mbps". They are giving you exactly what you paid for. Don't like it, get enterprise grade with an SLA and then you can bitch when it's to slow...

I agree with you however on the overselling and monthly data limits, and the data rates should be best effort, or they should be sold as "XXmbps minimum, faster speeds may be available at some times" Then when there is congestion (say 6:30PM), they randomly select and throttle some people. TBH, if i could trust my ISP to handle throttling of my bittorrents, I would. Say "opt in for bulk download management" and then they can sort out long slow running things, and let the RTTs go up for those, or throttle those first.

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