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Comment Re:Transmision != viewing (Score 1) 442

I'll repost something from above...

Basically it looks like multicast at the block level. Only send what each node needs/wants and never even send the rest. Given there are ~2000 homes per node, and lets say 8 channels per home (picture in picture on 4 tvs, all different) that means needing to bale able to send 16,000 things at once. There aren't that many channels, and I'm sure the cable companies know how many active users they have at any one time, etc, etc. Also if they needed to they could send 1080P or 720P video for less popular shows.

Comment Re:US Metric System (Score 1) 1387

right, but I can without any real effort convert 1L into mL in my head... Try that in the US where soda in cans is priced in $/fluid ounce (a unit of volume not weight) and soda in large bottle in $/L, or a small block of cheese in $/oz and the large one in $/lbm, example a 6oz brick might cost $2, and a 1.34lb brick might cost $12. Which is cheaper per unit weight? no looking up oz/lbs, and you have to do all the math in your head. Like the soda example above, there are some other things that mix units as well. some weights when small are in grams, and then end up in pounds when larger. So we 'mericans already need to use both, but admit it less than the british do.

Also last I knew all the US imperial measures were based on the metric equivalent, for example, the foot is defined as 0.3 meter (look up the real conversion) and the inch then is defined as 1/12th that. Pounds are the same way with 1lb being equal to 1/2.2 kgs.

Comment Re:No persuasion required (Score 1) 510

Right, MAC lock the main wifi network (if you have company WIFI devices) or otherwise keep the personal devices off the network. If you want to provide a network for the personal devices, then provide employees with access to a separate firewalled off network. Since the post is about malware it seems like the real issue is letting the devices on the network, and not in the physical space.

Is the issue the camera's on these devices? If so, time to get lockers in a space outside the "secure" space.

Comment Re:WOW!!! (Score 1) 183

I'll bite... I use windows XP dual monitors at work and Gentoo Linux dual monitors at home. Both setups are nvidia video cards.

Work: I use the nvidia config utility to give me viewports. These are not as nice as the ones in XFCE4 mainly as they have been grafted in, and many windows apps don't like them, they do work. Multi-monitors are setup using windows builtin tools for that. Main screen on the left, secondary on the right. This means I need yet another third party program to mangle backgrounds so that they display correctly. (hopefully this has been fixed in win 7). I also used tweakUI from MS to setup my mouse to be X style with autoraise. This also only mostly works. Excel is my biggest grievance, I cannot have one workbook open on each monitor and retain DDE(dynamic data exchange, paste values, formats, etc) between workbooks.

Home: I have enabled dynamictwinview and used nvidias tool to set up the dual monitors. Main on the left secondary on the right. The background image just works. Full screen on a single monitor(mplayer, vlc, wine games, etc) all just work. XFCE4 provides great support for viewports. With the newer nvidia drivers, I'm not sure I even need the nvidia tools, and could just go back to using xrandr. In general everything works well on linux.

Comment Re:WOW!!! (Score 1) 183

Microsoft Office is an application for making pretty documents with incoherent formatting, and using a pseudo-database with calculations, that grew into something that has more in common with absurdist art than any productive activity. People who only use it, would be better off with a tablet-keyboard combination -- too bad, one that Microsoft tried to sell is total crap, at large extent because their tablet-style UI is almost as bad on tablets as it is on desktops. If you judge workstations use by the type of users who waste computers' capability the most, you you are bound to end up with idiotic preferences -- oh wait, this is what Windows mlti-screen support is!

Preface: I'm a mechanical engineer who makes custom designs of a "standard" product for customers all day. Getting correct answers back quickly is a big part of getting sales.

Okay, seeing as I use Microsoft Excel pretty heavily every day at work I'd like to point out the reason it gets so much use in the engineering world is that it really is the lowest common denominator. No one that isn't fresh out of school (i.e. less than 3-4 years on the job) has even touched VB.Net or any other programming language. I have some python scripts running around to do a handful of things for me, but any tool that would like to send to others is done in excel. Not to mention that trying to add support for calculations via DLL in something like MsSql or postgresql would be a huge pain and take probably an hour of setup when all I want to do is bang out a quick set of repeat calcs on 100 lines of input. Despite having pywin installed, and a fully working python setup on my windows (XP, I have to get a new computer to get a new OS.) machine, Excel is still my goto app for getting things done quickly. It lets me build decent looking tables with a hand full of keystrokes and clicks (thanks MS for letting me pin macros). It lets me do some basic sed/cut/grep sorts of operations on my input data. It lets me run the same calc on each row/column of input in a few keystrokes. There are times I push my input data through gvim, or a one-off python script, and I have even been known to push data back to my home computers via ssh to do some more advanced stuff, but again, it all ends up in excel.

Comment Re:If it doesn't run XBMC... (Score 1) 233

Where are your storing the rips? also are they a stream dump of of the blue ray disk?

I didn't see an interface that would take a streamdump of my copy of serenity. ~30-40Mbps for just the video, and then add 5.1 or 7.1 DTS on top of that and the 10/100 ethernet won't keep up, nor an SD card, or a USB wifi dongle... My hardwired gigabit will though.

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