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Comment DRM is not user-friendly (Score 1) 664

I've been buying music exclusively from Amazon for this very reason. I'm not necessarily part of any kind of movement or big plan to remove DRM from iTunes. Rather, dealing with permission and rights issues are a pain and a mess. Amazon's DRM-free music is so much easier to maintain and manage than iTunes DRM'd music.

Comment Not Necessarily New (Score 1) 105

Before adobe had announced their camera, I did some research. There are existing patents which cover using multiple lenses on various types of surfaces allowing the very same thing (like insect compound eyes) allowing software to capture 3D images. using multiple sensors like this is a way to capture light as a vector and not just as pixel of intensity.

Feed Lost in Space: Astronaut's Wasabi (

Spill a little wasabi at home and, well, it's messy. Spill some in the weightlessness of the international space station and you're looking at a major cleanup job. By the Associated Press.

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