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Comment Even if technological development came to a halt (Score 1) 65

"... will the new FTC rules end up helping children (by enhancing their privacy and, if industry pundits are right, reducing the amount of content available online for children - thus enhancing their attention spans?"

That question is absurd. There is far, far more than enough content currently available for children that slowing, or even stopping development, would do nothing to affect the attention span of children. (Even assuming a negative impact from all this "content" - which seems dubious to me anyway.)

Comment Re:Compel them to show up? (Score 4, Informative) 122

If the plaintiff doesn't show up, the defendant does not even necessarily have to file a counterclaim to get a judgment in their favor. If the case is abandoned for lack of prosecution, the defendant can generally get a judgment for at least their costs and, depending on the type of case, for their attorneys' fees.

With a judgment in their favor, the defendant could then call the plaintiff (now judgment debtor) in for a debtor's exam. If the debtor fails to appear, that's contempt of court and generally a warrant for the debtor's arrest is issued.

Comment Re:Inflation is not equal to demand. (Score 1) 304

Rothbard: http://mises.org/money/3s2.asp
(The entire treatise "What Has Government Done to our Money" is excellent reading).

Schiff: http://www.schiffradio.com/b/Pentonomics---The-Cause-and-Evidence-of-Inflation/419269008642342955.html
Schiff consistently explains inflation as an increase in the money supply throughout his work. More can be read here (why not listen to the guys that were right?):

Hazlitt/Mises: http://mises.org/daily/2914

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