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Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 1) 272

We don't let horse and buggy on the interstate anymore, no matter HOW rich the idiot is. There's no reason to put up with IE6's shit anymore either.

I'm amish, you insensitive clod!!!

Seriously though, that's just about the most eloquent way I've heard it being put. I didn't have mod points so I decided to go with the above comment instead. Enjoy.

Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 1) 272

Why not force an upgrade to IE7 or 8 and separate the ActiveX functionality into a plugin IT personnel at companies that depend on that functionality can install. That way ordinary users who don't have the plugin installed don't have the security headaches ActiveX implies, and companies get to keep their ancient software.

Comment Re:Sad news (Score 1) 920

That extinction level event was just as probable a thousand years ago and it didn't happen. This is the flaw in the "it's not a matter of if, but when" thing, because there's a certain probability of it happening tomorrow and there's another probability of the human race dying out in some other way—like as a result of global warming or resource depletion here at home—long before something like that happens. I'd rather my tax money be spent sending robots to do all the interplanetary exploration until it's cheap and safe enough to send humans instead. While I'm on the subject: RIP, Spirit!

Comment Re:Importance of Competitive Choices (Score 2, Insightful) 406

The problem wasn't that a browser is really important and everyone needs one; the problem was that Microsoft had integrated their browser into the operating system in such a way that the operating system itself could not work without it, effectively making it impossible to uninstall it even if the user preferred another browser. Part of what makes other browsers more secure than IE de facto is that they don't have their tentacles as deep into the system as IE does. I'm sure someone will shoot back that it's not true, but really if you have a browser that's able to change system settings like IE can without asking for a password first, you're doing it wrong.

Nobody's really proposing that windows ship without a web browser; I think the current idea is to force them to give users a choice of web browser when they install it.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

I've gotta agree with adamdoyle's post. If someone sent me a resumé with the reply address configured that way, I'd probably think it was pretty neat.

How do you handle the replies? This is cool enough I might just try to do it.

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