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Comment Re:Oh god.. (Score 1) 659

Well I scored 62. I would not be happy to be where you are and you probably would not be happy to be at my place. So I think that things are ok after all. Hmm ? But it's true that I do not fit well in the "cruel corporate world" :-) I found a niche and it's great for me.

Comment Re:Nothing to hide (Score 1) 178

That, with the buzz fiasco, made me consider all the information that Google had on me.... And it was a lot....
I think that Google lives in a ivory tower and do not understand what the real world is made of...

Anyway, I'm in the process of closing my Google account, my only problem though is Google Reader, I have a lot of feeds that I follow and there do not seem to be anything that good around as reader.

Comment A out of this world explication... (Score 1) 818

I am currently studying the phenomenon of spirit possession. I know it is designated as crazy on this newsgroup but I take the risk of a least writing about it. From my readings, I would say that most young people today are likely to be owned by one or more bodies of deceased persons. The fact that religion and interest in what happens after death is rejected as a whole since the 40-50 could explain a large mass of people died since the last 15-20 years, with no or little spiritual cue, come back to haunt consciously or not the spirit of young people who are easy prey.
The solution is therapies based on hypnosis and regression.

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