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Comment Re:You know what is funny? (Score 1) 495

Woah, hang on. Lets not get crazy now. At least try Chromiumo or Opera before going back to IE and stick with something that tries to embrace modern web standards as well as new proposed standards. Or Safari, as that is also based on Webkit. Or try webkit itself.

Please. Anything except IE. While the IE team is getting better, they are still holding back from widespread adoption of great new developments in web development.

Or if you like Chrome but do not like their privacy policy, consider SRWare Iron (a.k.a. Iron) - a modified version of Chromium with many (all?) of the privacy violating pieces removed. Or just go into Chrome itself and check out the "under the hood" privacy settings). - does not have the RLZ tracking enabled

Comment Re:Well done, Google (Score 1) 353

It's not exactly the same logic. The last service pack for XP was released April 21, 2008; it has been updated since with security patches. The last release for the 2.6 kernel was May 30, 2011, it has been updated with security and features. (yes, I know 3.0 is just a number change. It's a feature!) Guess it depends what you consider noteworthy. Security is noteworthy (and XP is supported through 2014), but generally users think of features as noteworthy updates.

Comment Re:Ajax Libraries (Score 1) 230

~272kB is with EVERY jQueryUI plugin, which few sane people would ever need. That is also a non-gzipped figure.

Using your example with all the bells and whistles, both (jQuery + jQueryUI) total only ~73kB gzipped.

jQuery 1.4.2 itself weighs in at ~24kB gzipped, and with just a few plugins enabled, jQueryUI is much smaller.

Comment Re:Ajax Libraries (Score 1) 230

You're right. Big company services never go down...except those times they did and it was a huge problem. Remember the Amazon S3 outage? EC2 botnet attacks? Google GMail and document services going down? This month Google's jQuery libs on their CDN went down 2-3 times.

Stuff going down for a few hours is a lot of money lost.

Comment Re:Ajax Libraries (Score 4, Insightful) 230

I disagree. Libraries have greatly improved the usability of many websites. I also doubt that many people are pulling down 300kb of libraries every time, since most are minified and gzipped. Even with a ton of bells and whistles it's hard to hit 100kb of .js, The ever popular jQuery + jQuery UI is only ~30kb (with reasonably useful plugins like tabs, dialog, etc, not all the crazy and expensive FX).

I'm OK with users having to pull even 100kb one time to have a nicer browsing experience all around.

I really wish I could get over my paranoia and link to the libraries on google's code CDN. Slim chance, but if they go down and my sites are still up, there be problems!

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