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Comment Re:Pot calling the kettle black? (Score 1) 142

Absolutely... but Oracle have a case with other people redistributing their Solaris patches. I'd say that they've got a legitimate right to the proprietary code that they own.... and Linux is GPL, so that's not a conflict of interest for Oracle. Their goal is "profit at all costs" anyway. That's the only ideology Oracle understands.

On the other hand, it really says something about Oracle's "support", if other companies are providing updates for Larry's "Yacht OS" and are winning significant contracts.... to the point where Oracle wants to fight them over it.

Comment Re:Doesn't scratch any itches (Score 1) 330

Until I can pay my TAXES in BTC, then BTC will always be a niche currency, whose value is only in the system that enables money transfer. ..... but no government will allow taxes in BTC because.... ta-da!.... they have their own currency! ....and as long as government can control the exchange of bitcoin to government currency, then they control whether bitcoin ever catches on in any Fed, IMF, World bank crushing ways.

Comment WD green failure rates (Score 1) 444

I (perhaps stupidly) used a lot of the WD green drives in a RAID file server that doesn't stay on 24/7 or get turned on all that often. Yes I know that WD greens are not designed for RAIDs... but I digress.
It seems that they mostly fail when the hard drive electronics fails on them, and then the drive controller on my mainboard can't detect the drives on power up.
One day the drive is working fine, and the next day the BIOS can't tell that there's a drive there!

I've always suspected that Seagate drives would die sooner than the other drives because I've noticed that they run MUCH hotter than the other two brands.

Comment Minecraft on iPads (Score 4, Insightful) 559

Where I once saw kids play Mario on a Nintendo DS, today I see kids play Minecraft of iPads.

Apple crushed Nintendo by creating iOS devices and opening up it's platform to indie devs for a minimal fee. If I wanted to start coding for Nintendo.... how would I do it, and how much would I have to pay in licensing? I have no idea, and I wouldn't know where to look.
It would seem easier to go for the tablet ecosystem that most people have and is more easily accessible. I think not only did Apple destroy the Nintendo casual market with iOS devices, but also through leeching potential developers.

Also, if I were Nintendo, I would be grovelling to get Mojang to port Minecraft over (Mojang says that they're "too busy"). So far..... nothing... and it's so stupid as to why not because the game is really something Nintendo should have been able to create, and it's a perfect fit for the system. It's just a shame too that with all Nintendo's game dev talent, this something as much fun hasn't eventuated from them, and it's been Mario after Zelda after Donkey Kong.

Nintendo is also locked itself out of the hardcore market for this gen too. So unless they want to make a Super-Duper Nintendo like in the 16-bit war days and compete again, they're going to lose gamers there.

All Nintendo has left is good game devs and some great IP.... and perhaps more trust with parents than the Apple kids-ingame-payments-debarcle has done to Apple's platform.

Comment Hypnosis (Score 1) 146

Hypnosis is nothing other than an elegant description of a process.

I think it's interesting that as you find yourself looking at this screen, and focusing in clearly to these words you are reading.... you remember a time when you felt very VERY tired... maybe after a long work meeting or after staying up late working on a paper.... What you become to notice is that you are slowly find your eyes relaxing deeply,..... and as you become aware that your mind is slowing down and your mouth widens and begins to yawn... you feel your eyes are closing as you drift off to sleep....

Comment Re:This is more about Oracle Linux (Score 1) 186

Oracle didn't have much of an advantage to begin with. On a list of companies that develop Linux, they aren't even in the top ten (with Red Hat being #1).

What they've tried to do is build their own "UEK" kernel, and load it as default into what is essentially a whitebox build of RedHat Enterprise Linux.
this UEK kernel contains a bunch of extra goodies (like OCFS2 and ASM, and Ksplice) that assist Oracle database and application stacks to install seamlessly -- if you can call any Oracle Installation "seamless"! -- without having to load in any extra RPMs and manage them.

Oracle used to provide "supported" RPMs to RedHat... but they've since stopped the practice, and are leaning more towards pushing customers to migrate to their Linux distro -- supposedly as an attempt to leech RedHat's support licences.

The only people suffering as a result of this are Oracle's customers, who actually liked Red Hat's support - and are now getting the shaft.... and for what?
So Larry can get some more money to buy a new yacht?

It's a total dick-move.

Comment Re:We're moving everything to Centos.... (Score 4, Insightful) 186

Red Hat support can be worth it when you don't want to scour the internet for a solution to changes made between RHEL5 and 6 for example - and just asking a Red Hat tech support guy will be a lot quicker. Some organisations see value in that, aside from the obligatory "point of blame" when things go wrong. Solving problems quickly saves time AND money in various business scenarios, where downtime equals lost profits. YMMV however.

Some info on the finer points of using RedHat simply aren't available on-line, much less will you have anyone to chat with you about them if you are scouring blogs.

Furthermore, RedHat support is actually good, compared to say, Oracle... who despite their thinly veiled attempts to try and eat RedHat's lunch and cut their grass, have pretty horrid support all around. I know orgs that run Oracle applications on RedHat just for RedHat support (despite Oracle's attempts to hijack their own customers on RedHat in an attempt to move them to Oracle Linux)

In addition RedHat does the lion's share of development for the Linux kernel, and other companies with distros that leech from RedHat would likely know less about the dev and design decisions in their own distros that they claim to support.

Comment There are no nations. There are no "peoples" (Score 2) 317

"You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no Third Worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems. One vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multi-varied, multi-national dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rands, rubles, pounds and shekels"

- Arthur Jensen (in the 1976 movie "Network")

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