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Comment Re:Headline fail. (Score 1) 304

I think you're really being naieve. Every country places restrictions on who can enter it. Sometimes those governments make the conditions of entry unreasonably high... but as a country, they have a right to do it. Australia does need immigrants, and yes, even genuine refugees count.... BUT you don't let in EVERYONE. At a point it becomes more than you can bear financially and severely affects management of the country. It's just madness to let them ALL in when there is no benefit, and actually a detriment, to doing so. To encourage that and drop your guard - stupidity. To get angry when people point that out to you - mindless. However... If all the hundreds of asylum seekers get to live in your house until they're processed, and you have to pay to look after them when they get to Australia, I'll support that. Already we're stressing the Australian environment with the increased population... and with more people, it will explode exponentially because people don't stop having sex and are careless with condoms in general.... and then what kind of people are breeding? Intelligent people who will contribute positively to society?... or people with zero education falling down the cracks of society? Weigh up the odds... who is more likely to succeed? A little cruelty now, prevents mass disruptions and potentially more violence later. I heard two muslims (clearly refugees) argue over Iraq and Syria in the mall recently. Does Australia really need that sort of socially divisive crap happening over here? Do you want to allow it? Is that a good idea?

Comment Re:Headline fail. (Score 1) 304

They are not being towed back to Indonesian waters. They are being towed out of Australian waters back into International waters. This is despite the shrilling lefties who misrepresented the facts and came up with that soundbite for their own political gain (no surprises there), rather than doing the Australian public a service by stating the facts. . While it is 100% legal to request asylum, THEY ARE NOT asylum seekers UNTIL it has been determined that they have a legitimate claim. UNTIL that is determined, they have still illegally entered Australian waters, whether they have a legal claim for asylum or not. It sounds like you would love to open the floodgates and get EVERYONE to live in Australia.... desirables, legitimate asylum seekers, economic refugee scumbags, and potential criminals/terrorists... but WITHOUT filtering them? Are you mad? It bothers me that the left of Australian politics just can't think a few extra steps ahead in the chess-game without raving like a bunch of lunatics at people who do.

Comment Re:Headline fail. (Score 1) 304

Exactly how did they offend them? Australia tells Indonesia that we will be turning Indonesian boats carrying illegal immigrants back out of Australian waters, and we're doing it to protect our sovereignty. What does Indonesia complain about? It complains that by doing this we interfere with THEIR sovereignty! How exactly? Give me a break! Indonesia can like it or lump it, but Australia is part of the commonwealth and part of ANZUS. While they were gaining their much vaunted Independance, we watched as the US helped prevent the Japanese from invading Australia. We rely on our security from our western allies which basically means that we're going to follow the lead of the USA. Indonesia certainly isn't guarding our security. They just don't have our back. They spy on us too. Have a guess which country's embassy got hit with a bomb blast within the last 20 years. Was it the Indonesian embassy in Australia, or the Australian embassy in Indonesia?

Comment Import duties (Score 4, Informative) 206

As long as you keep the total value of what you are importing under $1000, you don't get hit with GST. If you were to, say, buy a PC overseas that costs over $1000, prepare to get slugged when it comes in through the post. If you have someone send something over, make sure that they price it as $999 on the customs form. I sent myself a computer from overseas and in my honesty/stupidity, priced it over the magic $1000 value and ended up paying about $200 in duties. Actually while you are in Australia, prepare to get slugged everywhere for tech. A high Australian dollar, and the fact that we don't locally produce any tech (we just dig rocks out of the ground and sell them), means that overseas tech companies here charge whatever the small Australian market will bear, and usually they typically price it on the side of unreasonable. Do I really need to talk about how terrible the internet speeds are here? No need to mention that in some places, the best you can get is 2Mbps ADSL? No? OK.

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