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Comment Re:OS X Upgrade Fear (Score 2, Insightful) 362

Easy.... just wait for the OSX dot 1 versions to come out before deciding. By the time the first minor update to the OS is out, early adopters and people who don't care if their Mac breaks horribly will let you know how it performs... plus most of the showstopper bugs will get ironed out by then.

Comment Re:Placebo Effect (Score 1) 622

Just read the article even, before you go all cowboy on your keyboard.

Looks like they WERE substituting religious beliefs according to the article.

quoting the article: "That group advocates faith-healing and advises people to “first seek the Wisdom of God” and then appropriate medical attention in matters of health, according to an online statement."

Comment Placebo Effect (Score 1) 622

Some of these religious nutters are relying on a "belief in God" or "faith" to save them from their ills, including some very serious diseases.

What they are, in fact, relying on is the placebo effect. If the mind is tricked enough into believing that the body is going to get well, it can have some benefits, especially in overcoming limiting beliefs such as shyness, fear of heights, etc. or at least make the patient happy while their body heals naturally.

However there is a reason why medical trials include placebo sugar pills against the actual drug to be tested... and that's because placebos DON'T work against disease!

Derren Brown did a TV special on the placebo effect. The show's second part was pretty much the final word on why religion is bunk, and why people still believe in it anyway.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 4, Insightful) 508

Australia and the UK have never really had free speech provisions.
If Her Majesty so requests, she is more than capable of instructing her secret agents to trample on anyone at any time for saying anything.

(Not saying that she did, or anything....but if she did, she sure as hell wouldn't want anyone to find out!)

This is the price we pay for having a benevolent dictator who allows us a democracy.

Comment Huge waste of money (Score 1, Insightful) 221

This is a 50 billion dollar (or yen equivalent) public relations exercise. The government wants to look like it is actually doing something about an issue it has zero control over now.

The Japanese government doesn't want to admit the truth that these areas are going to remain uninhabitable for hundreds, if not, thousands of years - because it promised the Japanese people that they would be able to return to their homes. The technology doesn't exist to clean up all this contaminated land. TEPCO continues to cover up how bad the situation is at the plant, just like they did from day 0 of the disaster.... and the mass media in Japan continues to sweep all the depressing problems under the carpet and out of view of the public as if the nuclear contamination can be cleaned up with a big enough vacuum cleaner and enough time.

They don't want to admit the ugly truth, and want to keep perpetuating this lie that people will be able to safely return to their homes..... one day.
If they ever return, they'll all get higher risk of cancers and the government and TEPCO will disavow that the reactors had anything to do with it because they "decontaminated" the area.... most likely. Just an excuse to try and dodge legal culpability.

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