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Comment Huge waste of money (Score 1, Insightful) 221

This is a 50 billion dollar (or yen equivalent) public relations exercise. The government wants to look like it is actually doing something about an issue it has zero control over now.

The Japanese government doesn't want to admit the truth that these areas are going to remain uninhabitable for hundreds, if not, thousands of years - because it promised the Japanese people that they would be able to return to their homes. The technology doesn't exist to clean up all this contaminated land. TEPCO continues to cover up how bad the situation is at the plant, just like they did from day 0 of the disaster.... and the mass media in Japan continues to sweep all the depressing problems under the carpet and out of view of the public as if the nuclear contamination can be cleaned up with a big enough vacuum cleaner and enough time.

They don't want to admit the ugly truth, and want to keep perpetuating this lie that people will be able to safely return to their homes..... one day.
If they ever return, they'll all get higher risk of cancers and the government and TEPCO will disavow that the reactors had anything to do with it because they "decontaminated" the area.... most likely. Just an excuse to try and dodge legal culpability.

Comment FTFY (Score 4, Funny) 445

I don't want my data in the cloud
I don't want my data in a crowd
I don't want my data on the net
I don't want my data on diskette
I don't want my data over there
I don't want my data everywhere
I know the spooks don't give a damn
I do not trust you Uncle Sam!

Comment Re:we ditched vmware for xenserver 2 years back... (Score 1) 86

Well for starters, ditch Sendmail, use Exim, and then implement DRBD with linux HA, Dovecot, and Perdition.
If by enterprise grade, you mean "good enough for an ISP to use", then open source does just fine with a bit of tweaking and fine tuning.

So spamassassin uses a lot of CPU? Have you seen the resources an exchange DAG requires?
Granted, exchange has a nice calendar system and the extra goodies that businesses want, but that's a real cost/benefit analysis given licensing and the amount of hardware you have to throw at it.

Comment Re:Future regulation (Score 1) 396

Once it has worth of its own (the ability to receive a salary and to buy bread and pay rent w/o relying on converting to an outside currency) then it will be a currency. Right now it's a digital commodity, much like gold or gemstones.

And that will never happen, because governments will want to be paid tax in the currency of the land. That means that conversion will always have to exist, and whilst it always exists, they will regulate it.

Governments and the banks will fight tooth and nail to maintain the monopoly over their money that they enjoy. They won't stand for a second to have all their assets devalued because nobody wants to trade with them.

Comment Re:Sony Hackstation (Score 1) 457

Well that would prevent users from running "Other OS" on the PS4... but to lift the OS off the PS4 and import it elsewhere?

I suppose you could simply encrypt the entire OS on the drive, and have that encryption key signed in Secure Boot inaccessible to the casual user.
Sony would then want a cert revocation and update mechanism though, to prevent what happened to the PS3....

Comment Sony Hackstation (Score 3, Interesting) 457

So how trivial will it be to slurp the OS out onto a AMD card enabled PC and have our own "HackStation4"?
Or... how would one modify FreeBSD to run PS4 software?

I'm sure there'll be encryption up the wazoo anyway... and potentially software could specifically check that the graphics chip is not some off-the-shelf AMD card... ...but it begs the question.

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