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Comment Re:Useless without a surrogate (Score 2) 342

Intelligence is actually fatal for mating. The mating instincts are part of our monkey-brains, and if our monkey-brains are too civilized, then we actually have problems tapping into the instincts that assist reproduction.

This is where alcohol steps in to save the human race, and thank goodness for that.

Comment Re:cost now (losses) vs cost (funding) (Score 1) 80

ynow... there is a moral to this tale: if businesses and individuals making money from software (libre) had properly funded it, putting some of the money that they saved from not purchasing proprietary software into the hands of those software teams, would we be talking about this now? in all probability, the answer is no.

And that's a flaw in the open source model. There is the assumption that people will review code and give back to the code... but it is just naive.
It assumes that companies actually care about utopian ideals and not just making money for shareholders.

Additionally in the field of system administration, when issues like this occur it is always about appropriating blame. Some places would rather let hackers break their systems than risk upsetting customers with downtime to fix issues. If a hacker gets in, the hacker gets blamed.... but if the user experiences downtime from a patch or critical upgrade which maybe breaks compatibility with the old.... the company gets the blame for trying to protect it's users!

That's just the ugly realities we deal with.

Comment Tyrant: The computer game (Score 5, Interesting) 818

I learnt an interesting political lesson on my Commodore 64 back in the day.

There was this political sim called "Tyrant" (ancient descendant of Tropico, or civilisation), and you played as the dictator of a communist state.
It was a pretty hard game, as most times the state would collapse and there'd be a revolution.

Eventually, after playing it long enough I managed to find the one way to prevent that state from ever collapsing and have it eternally make money.

Firstly, you had to invade all the surrounding countries and smash external threats.
Then you convert to a democracy and install elections.
Then you generate lots and lots of jobs for people in the secret police
Then you brainwash the populace with masses spent on election funding.
With the population happy and brainwashed, you could raise the tax rate through the roof and no-one would care... also thanks to the huge secret police force they would turn on each other instead of resist the ridiculous taxation and the root cause of said taxation (thanks to election brainwashing)

Does this sound familiar?

It was kinda fun for a buggy BASIC program.

Comment Re:Failure imminent (Score 1) 165

The cassette recorder can be emulated too. There is a file format for C64 cassettes called TAP.

That said, the tape emulation can be sped up, and with the TAP loading from solid state memory, you get to miss out on hitting a load error, having to rewind the tape, and starting all over again 5 minutes for something to load. I have to admit, having the emulated tape takes all the fun out of it!

Comment Re:8 out of 10 for cool. 1 out of 10 for interesti (Score 1) 165

Said author is brilliant but suffers from schizophrenia. He hears multiple voices in his head and can't control them. He's almost impossible to talk to because of this, as he gets sidetracked and the "voice of God" leads him way off the rails.

That said, his OS is the best April Fools joke you can play on any one in your office. Remove their desktop hard drive and replace it with a disk that boots into this!

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