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Comment Congressional Procedure (Score 1) 571

This is pretty pathetic.

I do know that by Constitutional mandate, the Senate cannot create legislation, they can only amend it. However, the Constitution places no limit on how thoroughly they can amend it.

Frequently, the Senate will just strike the entire contents of a bill, fill it with something entirely different, which the gets sent to the House. This is something the House is understands and accepts, and frequently encourages, particularly in times when the Senate is the big hurdle to clear.

Obviously, they should at least name the friggin' bill.

I heard that right before the Senate recessed, the Senate passed the bill to get money to the states. Could this be it?

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

He's not an idiot - he's just been looking around.

If I go to the Walmart across the street from where I work in their cellphone accessory section I can pick up any number of iPhone cases/chargers/docks from about 15+ different manufacturers, yet they have nothing specific for Blackberry, or Symbian phones (which are supposed to be the most popular smart phone platform world-wide).

While your there take a look at their stereos - notice something odd? There's an iPhone dock where the tape deck used to be. When you feel you can't enter the boombox market without an iphone dock attached - I think your approaching ubiquity if not monopoly like status.

In fact if some random person on the street told me that they had a smart phone - it would be a safe bet it was made by Apple.

Excellent point. Somebody mod parent up, please.

I don't think Apple/iPhone qualifies for monopoly status, but you can see how their mindshare is squeezing competitors out. Competitors aren't allowed to hook up to those built-in docks and other connections are unavailable, or second-class. The supposedly teeny-tiny Apple share of the smartphone market is going to ultimately break Flash as most sites will want to support iPhone and won't want to have to develop the site twice. (I actually like this because Flash is the Typhoid Mary of plugins, but I'm not thrilled with the cause)

Apple doesn't technically have a monopoly, but wow do their anti-competitive practices have the same effect.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

I appreciate the attempt at ad hominem, but it's not merely "pragmatic" to accept that we have a precarious economy that would not take well the loss of a significant number of jobs. Do I think the insurance companies should eventually go the way of the dodo? Yes. Do I think health care reform was needed now? Yes. Do I think that if we implemented single payer and made the insurance companies go away in one fell swoop, it'd deal an enormous blow to a large part of our economy? Yes.

So how do you recommend we reconcile those, or would you answer differently to any of those questions?

Enjoy the silence. I don't think you're going to get an answer here, for obvious reasons.

Comment Re:Science or Religion? (Score 5, Insightful) 1136

So much of this whole post is simply not true.

Look, a few proponents of AGW sceintists have falsified some data, that's true. Many opponents of AGW have falsified data as well-- I don't see you screaming about them.

The bottom line is that the Earth's temperature is going up every year, give or take, while its CO2 content goes up-- and CO2 is well known to retain heat within the atmosphere.

This isn't "innocent until proven guilty," folks. The anti-AGW folks have to make their case, too. They haven't. All they've done is try to muddy the water and nitpick. There's a good reason they haven't made a case-- the evidence that AGW exists is overwhelming. The specifics-- whether it will cause more hurricaines or snow, more precipitation or less, these things are being hotly contested, just like with any young scientific theory. But the overwhelming arc is that iAGW exists and that it ain't going anywhere.


Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 272

I don't think you've read the article thoroughly. His first complaint is about the developer model and how it clashes with every other model out there, and how it makes porting really painful. He also complains about variable hardware. He complains about the weak enforcement of resource management. He complains about hardware variability.

These are all real complaints. He does throw in a couple tongue-in-cheek "complaints," but it's generally critical.

Comment WRONG: Test NOT done by Motorola (Score 1) 272

The touchscreen test was done by MOTO labs, not Motorola. Not affiliated with Motorola in anyway.

They don't seem to be crypto Apple-fanbois, though. For what it's worth, in the real world, I have a G1, easily the crappiest Android device out there. I have no detectable issues with the touchscreen. Doesn't shock me that Apple's tracks better, but as a fairly aggressive user of the G1, I just haven't come across a need for whatever accuracy is supposedly missing.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 272

I think it's obvious that specific point was tongue-in-cheek.

His mix of legitimate gripes and tongue-in-cheek "criticism" makes the article a little tricky to parse-- but I learned some interesting stuff about Android.

Comment Re:MS's in-house/expo shorts consistently excellen (Score 1) 220

Wow, the Apple fanbois are in full force today!!!

Yeah, I'm a Microsoft fanboy-- I have three systems running MacOSX-- a G4 PowerPC tower, a Mac Mini, and a hacked Dell Mini 10v running Snow Leopard.

But I also have 2 Windows PCs and a Linux box. Seriously, some of you Apple nuts need to lighten up.

And all this flamage because I said, "actually, MS has had one decent ad campaign in 10 years." If that's a booster, I don't know what to say to you.

The actual, obvious message of the ad campaign was not "our OS sucks" and no rational person would see it that way. What they'd see is that there's a gazillion PC laptops for under a grand.

The ad campaign also got an effective dig at one of Apple's advertising weaknesses, an appearance to come off more than a little smug.

You can rationalize all you want, but that's a reasonably effective ad.

And if you google "apple execs laptop hunter," you'll see a ton of angst from Apple execs and Apple fanbois alike.

Hell yeah I'd call that effective.

Comment Re:This has failed before and will fail again. (Score 1) 176

I think you make excellent points, and may actually be proven right-- but I happen to disagree with your conclusion that this is doomed to failure.

This thing is a netbook. Gramma can't even see a screen that small, much less aspire to getting frustrated because it won't install Quickbooks. Moreover, since it's a netbook, the vast majority of people will be using it as a secondary surfing/email device.

Sure, some cheapos will be dumb enough to try and use something with a 10.1 inch screen and a reduced size keyboard as their primary PC, but most people will be using it for web access while wandering around the house, or as a coffehouse/travel computer. For those purposes, it really should more than suffice as is.

I agree that subsidized devices have failed in similar segments before-- either failing outright, or struggling because people created simple hacks that removed the crippleware that subsidized the device.

However, the incentive is different here. I really don't expect google to deliver a crippled device. It's just not how they think. Android is a pretty efficient OS, I imagine Chrome OS will be materially similar. A year from now, most devices in this segment will be running Win7 on similarly spec'd computers. THAT'S crippleware. Unless you expect Apple to release a $300 netbook. :-)

This thing will be markedly superior to any similar product within phaser range. The vast majority of users will have far more incentive to leave the device as is.

I wonder how much google will have to subsidize the system anyway? You can already get a netbook with nearly these specs for under $300. By the time this thing comes out, I expect these specs will be pretty much mainstream, if not behind the curve (maybe not the 64g SSHD-- but the price of that should be far less next year).

I agree with you on the "where's the payoff for google?" front. I'm not sure I see google's play here, besides making the world more agnostic to OS's, which hurts google's primary enemies, Apple and MS.

Comment MS's in-house/expo shorts consistently excellent (Score 3, Interesting) 220

For years I have been surprised by MS's inability to create a decent ad. Having been to a handful of MS conferences over the years, I have also noted that the warm-up videos are also first rate, so obviously there are people at MS who "get it" and can oversee the commission of decent advertising.

I was recently puzzled by Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" ads, and really, MS's failure to push what was a really effective ad. They've been smarting for years for from the Mac-PC ads, and they've finally got something that hits the competition similarly below the belt (advertising press reported Apple execs were pissed). MS essentially completes the ad run and then shelves the campaign.

For whatever reason, MS's advertising mentality is just not aggressive and cutthroat.

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