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Comment Re:Phone (Score 1) 316

I used to work in a cell phone repair shop for a while while I was between jobs. We used to have good results with Nokia warranty service, but this was a little while ago. You should check their website. Generally if the unit is still under warranty you can send it in and they will send you back a refurbished unit. If your warranty is already voided somehow, you could try taking it to a local cell phone repair shop. If you're in the DC area, just ask I can give you some very specific advice. Make sure to check the online reviews first, however. and see whether there are any consistent bad reviews (often hidden) pertaining to hidden fees, refunds, or other dodgy practices. There are good shops out there if you look and they can generally fix most things. A phone that just "died" is more often than not a simple issue.

Comment Re:Sociology doesn't work like that (Score 1) 689

So your basic argument is that because we allegedly (and I say allegedly as accusations are without merit) invaded the middle east because of Oil, that means we have to do decades of apologizing? We nuked Japan. Twice. And we never apologized for it. Far from it. Their culture was violent too. Why? Because of their religion, which stated that Japanese were a superior race and their leader was divine. Do you know what we did to their culture, their religion? We forced the emperor to deny his divinity, we passed laws to forbid facist aspects of their religion, and we reformed their culture. That is the reason they are friendly now. Not because we respected their culture and religion, because we danced around politically correct fictions about what they believed, but because we, with overwhelming force, made them friendly... and they are the better for it now. As you point out, they are world competitors, if not leaders in many aspects, in high tech areas.

Comment Re:We have the same... (Score 1) 689

I don't think I've ever heard a terrorist say he or she did it because they were treated badly by racists. I see what you're trying to say, though, and perhaps in some cases you have a point, but it's hardly an excuse for somebody to not assimilate (or worse, to commit a violent act against their host country). Italian Americans were looked down on back in the day. Irish too. SE Asians... Almost any minority. Yet somehow none of them blew shit up. They pushed past it and earned respect. What you're saying also doesn't explain home grown terrorists who blow stuff up shoot at federal buildings. Personally, I blame religion. It's not like they're shouting "die racists" before they self detonate. No. They're screaming religious slogans.

Comment Re:We have the same... (Score 4, Insightful) 689

This all depends on whether they assimilate or not. Some might very well be internally hostile towards their host country, or at least unwilling to adopt compatible values. In such cases, in a way it's even worse if they stay. This is most not often the case in the US, however. I'd wager most who gain an education here want to stay here and contribute. They should be allowed to.

Comment Re:Obvious moral (Score 1) 473

It really depends on where you work, the types of people you date, etc.. When I was in art school, self portrait nudes were commonplace. There was even a guy who did an oil painting of himself performing autofellatio. It was hanging in the student gallery for ages. There was a 8 foot self portrait nude drawing of myself that was very close to photo-realistic. I was nervous at first about making it, and a bit self conscious about my body, but I found it personally liberating. As a result, i could really care less if nudes of me somehow managed to get off my secure storage and started floating around on the web. I just don't think people should be bothered by body parts, and if they are, well then they're probably not the sorts of people I want to associate with.

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