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Comment Re:Free Public Education for All (Score 1) 551

You forgot to ask, who should decide what the person gets educated in. If society is paying all the bills because of the benefit to society, doesn't that lead to society dictating what the individual learns? Just because some person is interested in the lives of middle ages prostitutes doesn't mean society should foot the bill if society needs more engineers.

Comment Re:Shortage of engineering jobs, (Score 1) 580

They will then transfer for the last two to a university with a brand name. I respectfully disagree, I don't believe re-proving centuries ago established facts provides anything of worth. I believe that universities are going to move, despite their best efforts, to a 2+2 model. As tuition continues to climb students are going to take the first two years at community colleges and/or online classes. What labs do do is create excuses to deny transfer credits. You might have taken a 4 credit class including the lab, but here the lab is separate so you need to pay us to do it again.

Comment Re:Shortage of engineering jobs, (Score 1) 580

College labs aren't really that useful, or at least not for me. Text says V=IR; put together a circuit, measure it, wow! the text is right. What a revelation! The only labs I've found useful are for 400 level classes and programing. You could ditch labs for the first three years without any loss of educational value.

Comment Re:Doubling the value! (Score 1) 488

You might want to get some of your marketing and other departments to read this thread. There is a great suggestion lower down to offer a mostly streaming only, DVDs available only if the content is not available for streaming option. Also, those licensing issue need to get resolved. Have you ever tried to explain to a three year old why his latest favorite move vanished over night? You need to include some type of notification both before and after it isn't available. Just having it vanish from your search results with no explanation is not good.

Comment Re:"Legally" Guilty (Score 1) 359

Sending anything to WikiLeaks, which provides information to anyone, is a pretty clear cut case of: * That he knowingly gave intelligence (indirectly) to the enemy. * That he was aware that his action would cause the intel to be published. * That he was aware that the enemy would have access to it.

They don't have to show any of this. As part of his security clearance he will have signed multiple NDAs that spell out exactly what he can and can't do with the information. To get a conviction all they have to show is that he released information in violation of the NDAs, which souldn't be that hard. Some of the charges might require more, but he will be convicted of at least that without much doubt.

Comment Re:All lawyers are evil..and all geeks have Asperg (Score 1) 246

...You go to a lawyer when you want to buy a house, and 3 years later find out the previous owners lied and the foundation was rotten. You go to a lawyer when you want to start a company and want to make sure that one person doesn't go off and bring it all down by their own mistakes. You go to a lawyer when the system has run you over and you don't know how to stand up for yourself...

Everything you listed are things people really need lawyers for. Does the young couple with no children and no assets in an uncontested divorce need lawyers? No, they need a form and a service that files that form with the court. Does someone who just wants to leave everything he has to his son need a lawyer? No, a will form in a standard format for his state is all he needs. The majority of health problems are things like a twisted ankle or the sniffles. You don't need a doctor to tell you to take it easy for a couple of days and take some asprin. Most regular people don't have anything complicated that a para-legal or some pre-formatted forms couldn't handle for them.

Comment Re:Occupational Licensure - Incumbent Wage Protect (Score 1) 246

What is the definition of qualified person? Your assertion would be true if anybody could take the test and be certified if they were competent. electricians generally must spend 4 or more years as a union apprentice before being allowed to take the test. Same thing with plumbers. Lawyers must have completed an accredited law degree before they can even take the bar. Ohh, and they have to join and pay dues to the bar. In case your not noticing the pattern, you must pay a lot of money to the guilds(bar, unions, etc..) before you're even allowed to attempt to show your competence. I'm not a certified electrician , but I've had to spend a lot of time doing electrical work in my house because multiple "competent" "quality controlled" certified electricians did shoddy work for the previous owners of the house. I'm just glad I live in a union unfriendly state so it only takes an BS in Electrical Engineering to get around the unions.

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