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Comment Re:Are you real? (Score 1) 1198


In this list of US urban areas, Miami comes as 4th. Not major enough ?
Please read again my statement. Where did I say it was normal ? I just wanted to express my opinion to the OP that it was not a France-related problem, but was, alas !, a global problem, not uncommon.

The fact that you seem to make bold claims without taking care to read the others' posts is troubling too.

Comment Re:Are you real? (Score 1) 1198

If you're talking about Mohammed Merah, you dumb fuck, he was 'was shot in the head by a police sniper' (Wikipedia link). The RAID (equivalent of SWAT) assaulted him and neutralized him. How is that for 'dare not touch' ?

While it is true that there are suburban areas in France where cops cannot do much, because they are outnumbered (and outgunned !) by the residents -- but like every major city in the world, tell me it's different in New York or Miami -- the french police never, ever let a killer on the loose, especially when he kills kids.

Comment Good riddance (Score 2) 193

I say 'Good riddance'. I was a digg user for a few years, but the constant french-bashing, europe-bashing (even on unrelated topics) drove me away. Nothing as informative as /., or say, Engadget on tech news, and political discussions were more like a Quake IV arena than articulated, educated exchanges of opinions.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot : Indexing tool for home (multiple PCs / NAS ) ?

Altesse writes: I am obsessed with digital preservation and store my digital life and readings on multiple, mirrored, locations. The end result : thousands of files on my NASes at home, which include :
  • pictures and photos
  • archived mails, either in plain text or Outlook / Notes format
  • scriptures of loved / lost ones, either as plain text or Word format
  • scientific articles I found interesting, either HTML or PDF
  • some eBooks and comics
  • videos and mp3s of course

I try as much as I can to organize them, but it's time consuming and anyway does not solve the problem of searching through this amount of information (especially archived mails). What I'm looking for is an indexing tool that can crawl mapped drives, allows meta data editing and handles various file types for easy search.
In a nutshell, a Picasa for common file types. In the past, I had tried Google desktop search with mixed results, but it has been discontinued.

Are you aware of such a tool, free or not ?

Comment Please enlighten me : Quantum computers & MWI (Score 1) 132

Ok, IANAP, but, like many slashdotters, am interested in all things science and especially quantum mechanics. Please explain, if you may, this contradiction, because I've been unable to find a good explanation in anything I've read so far.

If we consider the many worlds interpretation to be viable, from what I understand :
- when a scientist will start up the very first quantum computer for the first time -- say, a big 250 qubit computer -- and will test it against a big cypher or whatever, 2^250 universes will participate in the process
- after the quantum collapse, the unique solution will be found, the cypher will be cracked and OUR scientist in OUR world will open a bottle of champagne and congratulate with their team

... Does this mean that, in 2^250 - 1 universes, the scientist will commit suicide, or get fired, (because obviously, the other solutions are uncorrect) ?

Submission + - 'Friends' in Google+ Ad Actually Google Ad Folks

theodp writes: PC Magazine reports that Google took on Facebook by airing a Thanksgiving Day TV commercial for Google+ during the Lions-Packer football game. The ad — Sharing, But Like Real Life — touted the more personal connections that the search giant suggests can be found via its Google+ social network. While some found the ad long-winded, the commercial was generally well-received. The Daily Mail called the big-money ad Google's 'biggest bid yet to take on Facebook', giving the spot kudos because it 'showed groups such as family, college friends or even 'epic bros' rather than co-workers or clients.' Or did it? Googling the names of those that found their way into the ad's Google+ circles turned up LinkedIn profiles and other results showing the heartwarming ad's 'cast' appears to be curiously composed almost entirely of Google Advertising and Marketing folks. While it's not 'Our Social Network Is Worth Fighting For', one wonders if Don Draper would approve.

Submission + - Cosmic rays may be born in superbubbles (

An anonymous reader writes: The Earth is being bombarded by cosmic rays from elsewhere in the galaxy, and a team of astronomers may have found a potential source: a 'cocoon' of cosmic rays in a bubble blown by young, massive stars.
Data Storage

Submission + - Hard drive prices going up 150% in less than two m ( 1

zyzko writes: "The Register reports that hard drive prices (lowest average unit prices) have rocketed 151% from October 1 to November 14th. The worst days have seen over 5% daily price increases. The reason for this is attributed to floods in Thailand but there are concerns of artificial price fixing and suspicion that retailers or members of supply channel are taking advantage of the situation."

Submission + - Toy Story Meets Google Street View

theodp writes: The Atlantic talks to creative director Tom Jenkins about his short film Address Is Approximate, which tells the whimsical story of a toy's journey to the California coast. Jenkins' personal project, described a 'Toy Story for the Internet age,' uses stop-motion animation and Google Street View to bring an after-working-hours office space to life. Film critic Larry Page gives it a thumbs-up.

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