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Comment Re:Thank you for not singing (Score 2) 313

If by "scientific computing" you mean number crunching, then all of the above. Not that no other language is up to snuff (Sisal, e.g., or even c, if you have the expertise).

Fortran gives about the biggest bang for the buck for high performance numerical computing especially when used by non-programmers (e.g., biologists or physicists).

Comment Re:And this is important because? (Score 2) 155

I found the following on the MS site:

What caused the issue?
Until January 2000, export restrictions limited the maximum key length for cryptographic protocols. The LM and NTLM authentication protocols were both developed before January 2000 and therefore were subject to these restrictions. When Windows XP was released, it was configured to ensure backward-compatibility with authentication environments designed for Windows 2000 and earlier.

Export restrictions screw you again!

Comment Re:Cooling is the issue (Score 1) 421

So what I gather from all these comments is that CFLs are less robust in all important respects: power stability, switches, and enclosures, all of which are common. In addition, they are more expensive and they produce a harsh light.

I wanted to use them for all the right reasons, but went through 3 packs of 8 in under two years (actually, there is still one working).

I'll wait until they're ready to real life, thanks.

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