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Comment Re:Shouldn't Software Houses Be Held Accountable? (Score 2, Informative) 66

Some accountability for their software, but this isn't the time or place for it. How many of these were cases of the user of the OS doing something stupid? At some point the user of the device needs to be held accountable for not properly patching/updating the device. If the software is something truly important, Space Shuttle O2 system, nuclear power plant, etc... Yes, they should be accountable for defects, but not because Facebook User #2,290,231 clicks on a malicious advertisement and gets malware installed because he didn't patch.

Comment Re:Beat them to the punch (Score 5, Interesting) 280

Suddenlink is my provider. They are my *only* choice for reasonably fast internet service. The DSL service here is capped at 1 Mbps and spotty at that. Satellite service is out of my price range, and there is no wireless provider. I'm not happy with them over this, and will send them a message, but cancel my subscription and not have Internet isn't an option. It's an effective monopoly, and they know it.

Submission + - Serial Killer caught via family member's DNA (cnn.com)

darpified writes: Serial Killer caught by the use of 'familial DNA search' in California. The search was done on the felony offenders DNA database for possible family members of the individual that left DNA evidence in the 'Grim Sleeper' killings. Not that I'm defending serial murders, but this seems to be a very slippery slope when you use the felony DNA database in this manner. "California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. said California's familial DNA search program led to the identification and arrest of Franklin.

The program — which was enacted in 2008 against opposition from civil rights groups — uses the DNA of family members to find suspects in cases of great risk to the public, Brown's office said in a press release."

Who gets to define 'great risk'?

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